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Announcements Causes of Strategy Creation/Execution Failures

Causes of Strategy Creation/Execution Failures

2021-11-02 01:52:47 UTC 72651 Read
When trading with quantitative strategies, users may encounter creation and execution failures. The causes of failures fall into the following categories:

When creating a strategy:
1. The total amount of all the running strategies under one account (including not terminated suspended strategies) is no more than 50, no more new strategy can be created once the limit is reached.
2. There is not enough of the required fund in the user's account. (According to the strategy parameters, the system will automatically calculate the minimum amount of funds required. The minimum amount must be met before a strategy can be successfully created.)
3. The parameters of the strategy and the parameters of the trading pair do not match when the strategy is running. (For example, in grid trading, when the strategy starts running, the last price does not fall between the upper and lower limit price, the creation of the strategy will fail)

When running a strategy
1. users manually terminate the strategy.
2. there are not enough funds to keep the strategy running.
3. take-profit or stop-loss is triggered. The strategy is therefore terminated.
4. if the strategy is set to be terminated when the last price breaks through the upper limit price or the lower limit price, the strategy will also be terminated when the last price comes out of the range from the lower limit price to the upper limit price.
5. the traded coin encounters unpredictable circumstances such as suspension or delisting, the strategy will be automatically terminated.
6.Liquidation triggered in contract and margin strategies will also lead to termination of the strategies.

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