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Gate Charity

Gate Charity Empowers Single Mothers with "Warm Sharing, Together for the Future" Initiative

1 day ago 1678

Gate Charity Launches "Sika Art Centre Empowering Young Artists NFT (Benin)" to Support Artists in Benin

2024-07-04 UTC 4292

Gate Charity Partnered with SEAD to Launch Wellness & Care Initiative for Anak Dalam Tribe

2024-06-26 UTC 6818

Gate Charity Partners with Forum Animal for "World Day to End Live Animal Exports" Event

2024-06-21 UTC 11440

Gate Charity Partners with World Vision to Provide Sustainable Safe Water for Tayundo, Ghana

2024-06-21 UTC 7681

Gate Charity's "Bundles of Care" Brightens the Lives of Children at Long Quang Compassionate Shelter in Vietnam

2024-06-18 UTC 6154

Gate Charity Delivers Essential Supplies to Flood Victims in Southern Brazil

2024-06-14 UTC 5276

Gate Charity’s Shelter Visit: Raising Awareness and Support for Stray Animals

2024-06-07 UTC 3513

GateCharity's "Heart & Health Charity Clinic": Caring for Elderly Residents at Panti Sosial Tresna Werdha "Budi Luhur"

2024-06-07 UTC 3619

Gate Charity Launches Full Hearts, Full Bellies NFT Collection

2024-05-31 UTC 14316

Gate Charity's "Highlands Hope" Event Brought Joy to Children in Dak Nong Province, Vietnam

2024-05-23 UTC 9538

Gate Charity Launches Batik Art Blessing NFT to Empower the Local Communities of Air Batu Village

2024-05-23 UTC 6078

Gate Charity Led A Successful Initiative to "End Plastic Pollution and Build a Sustainable Green Future" in Kaohsiung

2024-05-13 UTC 10241

Gate Charity and Sika Art Center Collaborate to Empower Young Artists Through Charity Event

2024-05-08 UTC 9370

Gate Charity Presents 'Enjoy the Spring Equinox Together' NFT Collection to Empower Children's Safety

2024-04-30 UTC 7536
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