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Gate.io Completes JobAi (JOB) Rebranding to JobAi (JOBAI) and to Resume Trading

1 day ago 3348

Gate.io Supports JobAi (JOB) Rebranding to JobAi (JOBAI)

5 day ago 8923

Gate.io Completes Altair (AIR) Rebranding to Altair (ALTAIR) and to Resume Trading

2024-07-15 UTC 3403

Gate.io Supports Altair (AIR) Rebranding

2024-07-12 UTC 4953

Gate.io Completes GM (GM) Rebranding to GM (GMWAGMI) and to Resume Trading

2024-07-09 UTC 9079

Gate.io Supports GM (GM) Rebranding

2024-07-08 UTC 10709

Gate.io Completes Drops Ownership Power (DOP) Rebranding to Drops Ownership Power (DROPS) and to Resume Trading

2024-07-04 UTC 12112

Gate.io Supports Drops Ownership Power (DOP) Rebranding

2024-07-04 UTC 8249

Gate.io Supports Caitlyn Jenner (JENNER) Rebranding

2024-06-17 UTC 28562

Gate.io Completes Polyhedra Network (ZK) Renaming to Polyhedra Network (ZKJ) and to Resume Trading

2024-06-04 UTC 18012

Gate.io Supports Polyhedra Network (ZK) Renaming

2024-05-31 UTC 20683

Gate.io Completes Gamestarter (GAME) Renaming to Gamestarter (GAMESTARTER) and to Resume Trading

2024-05-23 UTC 9920

Gate.io Completes Renaming of TAI (TAI) to TAI (TAIOLD) and Repurchase of TAI (TAIOLD)

2024-05-22 UTC 10741

Gate.io Supports Gamestarter (GAME) Renaming

2024-05-22 UTC 9818

Gate.io’s Announcement Regarding the Renaming and Delisting of TAI (TAI)

2024-04-29 UTC 13431
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