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    The Gate.io Team Will Be Live At The Blockchain Summit In Panama

    With the proliferation and growth of the LatAm Crypto market comes the widespread adoption of blockchain technology. The LatAm region saw the use of cryptocurrencies rise by 1,370 percent from 2019 to 2021. As one of the top 10 crypto exchanges worldwide, we are proud to be supporting the LatAm ma...

    Tags: Read: 1590 Create Time: 5 hours 41 min ago

    BTC Prediction Contest - Win up to $1,000 Award

    Here we are and half of 2022 is already gone. Is your trading plan prepared for the next 6 months? Gate Influencers organizes airdrops and minigames for all users. Join now! Duration: July 5th - July 26th, 2022 Please fill in the form: https://www.gate.io/questionnaire/2000 During the event,...

    Tags: Read: 3994 Create Time: 8 hours 43 min ago

    Gate.io Daily Shark Fin Hit The Price Range: The Final Annualized Yield is 10.81%!

    Gate.io launched "Daily Shark Fin_BTC_20220628" and "Daily Shark Fin_USDT_20220628" at 4:00 AM on June 27th on the structured products page. During the observation period, the BTC price always stayed within the per-specified price range [$18,500 - $21,500] and hit the high-yield range. Users who ha...

    Tags: Read: 3613 Create Time: 11 hours 49 min ago

    Gate.io Startup Free Offering: Smart Reward Token(SRT) and Announcement of Free Distribution Rules (8,716,347 SRT free of charge)

    About Gate.io Startup Free Airdrop Program In order to reward platform users, Gate.io launched the "Startup Project Free Airdrop Program", and free airdrops for blockchain excellent projects are launched in the Startup area from time to time. VIP and GT users can get a variety of tokens airdrop bene...

    Tags: SRT Read: 6102 Create Time: 13 hours 1 min ago

    Gate.io Fiat Gateway Marathon | Buy Crypto Free on a Purchase via Simplex!

    During the crypto winter, buying Crypto through Simplex at Gate.io is more lucrative than ever! Don’t miss out on this amazing offer, now everyone has the chance to earn their FEE back. Store before the bull market hits! Promotion Period: July 15th, 2022 - July 21st, 2022 UTC Transaction Fee...

    Tags: Read: 2376 Create Time: 13 hours 19 min ago

    Gate.io Fiat Gateway Marathon | Buy Crypto via Simplex and Win A Share Of 5,000 USDT Prize Pool!

    Join the ‘Crypto Purchase Competition’ and enjoy our super giveaways - a total of 5,000 USDT is up for grabs! Competition Period: July 7th, 2022 - July 14th, 2022 UTC All users who buy any crypto via Simplex with a total purchase volume of $500 USD or more during the competition period wi...

    Tags: Read: 2546 Create Time: 13 hours 20 min ago

    Gate.io Startup:TiFi (TIFI) Sale Result & Listing Schedule

    1 TiFi (TIFI)Token Sale Result The Gate.io Startup TiFi (TIFI)sale result is as follows: TIFI Startup Sale Amount: 300,000,000,000 TIFI Total value of orders (in USDT): 40,481,120 USDT Total value of qualified orders (in USDT): 39,971,760 USDT Number of orders:13,943 Number of Qual...

    Tags: Read: 4030 Create Time: 14 hours 14 min ago

    Gate.io Has Launched & Added An Extra Time-Limited Reward of 24,762 MMPRO to the Liquidity Mining Pool For Market Making Pro (MMPRO) (Normal Trading Mode)

    Liquidity mining pool (in Normal Trading Mode) for MMPRO/USDT trading pair was officially enabled on Gate.io. We also added an extra time-limited bonus of 24,762 MMPRO to it at 7:00 UTC yesterday. Under the Normal Trading Mode, users who join the MMPRO liquidity mining pool can earn double the re...

    Tags: Read: 4692 Create Time: 15 hours 23 min ago

    Daily SharkFin_2022/07/06 Launched: Earn Up to 16% APY

    Gate.io will launch a Daily BTC & USDT SharkFin with an annualized yield of 3%~16%. It will be available for subscription starting from 04:00 on July 5th to 04:00 on July 6th UTC. The total position reaches 300 BTC and 8,000,000 USDT, the lock-up period is 7 days, and the price range is $19,300...

    Tags: Read: 4213 Create Time: 17 hours 28 min ago

    Regarding ETFs (ZEN3L、WAVES3L、UNI5L、SERO3L、DOT5L) Reverse Split

    The crypto leveraged ETF markets are traded 24/7, typically with great fluctuations. Some leveraged ETFs are currently traded on Gate.io with too small share value, which negatively impact the price precision and trading simplicity. To improve users’ experience in trading ETFs, Gate.io will conduc...

    Tags: ETF Read: 2719 Create Time: 17 hours 36 min ago

    Gate.io Startup:Woozoo Music (WZM) Sale Result & Listing Schedule

    1 Woozoo Music (WZM)Token Sale Result The Gate.io Startup Woozoo Music (WZM)sale result is as follows: WZM Startup Sale Amount: 72,464 WZM Total value of orders (in USDT): 39,056,900 USDT Total value of qualified orders (in USDT): 38,482,240 USDT Number of orders:13,291 Number of Q...

    Tags: Read: 2373 Create Time: 17 hours 49 min ago

    Why Choose Gate.io To Do Future Copy Trading?

    Gate.io True data: According to the internal real data and external professional agency data, after the copy trading is live on Gate.io, it is expected that: 1.The total amount of copy funds that can be absorbed goes up to $1800w+ in one month, and the cumulative funds can reach at least $200...

    Tags: Read: 3039 Create Time: 18 hours 4 min ago

    Gate NFT’s First Phase Fractional NFTs Subscription Completed! The second phase will be announced soon!

    On June 29, 2022, the fragmented NFT product was officially launched on the Gate.io market. The first phase of the fragmented NFT anchor project was MAYC #8016, which exploded in the community as soon as it was launched. In order to meet the new blue chip products of the community, Gate NFT will la...

    Tags: Read: 3564 Create Time: 18 hours 34 min ago

    July Invention Challenge Contest: Refer your friends, Share $60,000 Rewards

    Extensive activity in July for Gate’s Influencers and for existing and new users. Complete the challenge and get the following three prizes! Duration: July 4th - July 18th, 2022 Please fill in the form: https://www.gate.io/questionnaire/1987 Activity 1: Offer $20,000 for New and Existing U...

    Tags: KOL, Airdrop Read: 7367 Create Time: 1 days 7 hours ago

    Gate.io To Delist Delta.theta (DLTA) on the Request of the Project Team

    On the request of the Delta.theta (DLTA) team, Gate.io will delist the Delta.theta(DLTA) on July 8, 2022, 04:00 UTC, removing DLTA trading and deposits services. The DLTA withdrawals will still be supported for a period of 3-month. Withdraw DLTA via https://www.gate.io/myaccount/withdraw/DLTA...

    Tags: DLTA Read: 16584 Create Time: 1 days 10 hours ago

    Win $6,488 In Prizes When You Suggest A New Name for the Gate.io Lending & Single-Asset Vault!

    We thank our community for the continuous support for the Gate.io Lending & Single-Asset Vault since day1. Now, we are pleased to announce that we will rebrand the name of the platform. A reward-based survey is here for all users to suggest a new name.We invite you to join and tell us your ideas...

    Tags: Read: 5740 Create Time: 1 days 11 hours ago

    Gate.io Daily Shark Fin Hit The Price Range: The Final Annualized Yield is 5.59%!

    Gate.io launched "Daily Shark Fin_BTC_20220627" and "Daily Shark Fin_USDT_20220627" at 4:00 AM on June 24th and June 26th UTC on the structured products page. During the observation period, the BTC price always stayed within the per-specified price range [$18,500 - $21,500] and hit the high-yield r...

    Tags: Read: 4117 Create Time: 1 days 12 hours ago

    Gate.io Bi-Weekly Report (June 16-30, 2022)

    The Gate.io bi-weekly report brings you all the updates on the hottest events and new developments on Gate.io to help you stay in the loop. A quick recap of the most significant events starting June 16 until June 30, 2022: * Launched Multiple “Hodl & Earn” Financial Products on...

    Tags: Read: 2257 Create Time: 1 days 12 hours ago

    Top Gate.io Lending & Single-Asset Vault Mining Pools: Earn Up To 499.67% APR

    Today’s top Gate.io Lending & Single-Asset Vault mining pools are GST, OCEAN, and TRU. Their lending ratio is 99.96%, 71.64%, and 66.28% respectively. Join now to earn up to 499.67% APR! Launched in 2021, Gate.io Lending & Single-Asset Vault platform supports deposit...

    Tags: Read: 4525 Create Time: 1 days 14 hours ago
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