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Web3 Exchange

Deposit & Withdrawal

Gate.io Completes Render (RNDR) to Render (RENDER) Token Migration

1 hours 6 min 53 sec ago 2549

Gate.io Supports Upcoming Oasys (OAS) Upgrade

5 hours 43 min 41 sec ago 1681

Gate.io Supports Upcoming Conflux(CFX) Upgrade

5 hours 54 min 22 sec ago 1791

Gate.io Completes Galxe (GAL) to Gravity (G) Token Migration

1 day ago 4085

Gate.io Supports Upcoming Shentu (CTK) Upgrade

1 day ago 3970

Gate.io Adjusts Number of Confirmations for ETH-Linea Network Deposits

5 day ago 5474

Gate.io Supports BlackCardCoin (BCCOIN) Token Migration

6 day ago 6150

Gate.io Completes RedFOX Labs (RFOX) to JUICE (JUC) Token Migration

2024-07-17 UTC 7046

Gate.io Supports SpaceCatch (CATCH) Token Migration

2024-07-16 UTC 12263

Gate.io Completes Syntropy (NOIA) to Synternet (SYNT) Token Migration

2024-07-15 UTC 5135

Gate.io Supports Migration of Bridge USD Coin (USDC) on OP to Native USD Coin (USDC)

2024-07-15 UTC 4007

Gate.io Completes Covalent (CQT) to Covalent (CXT) Token Migration

2024-07-15 UTC 10697

Gate.io Completes Ribbon Finance (RBN) to Aevo (AEVO) Token Conversion

2024-07-15 UTC 3941

Gate.io Supports Covalent (CQT) to Covalent (CXT) Token Migration

2024-07-11 UTC 18115

Gate.io Supports Render (RNDR) to Render (RENDER) Token Migration

2024-07-11 UTC 33997
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