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Gate.io Not Supporting NFTY NETWORK (NFTY) Token Swap and Delisting NFTY NETWORK (NFTY)

23 hours 2 min 33 sec ago 5011

Gate.io to Delist Socean Staked Sol (SCNSOL)

2 day ago 6174

Gate.io Delisted Leveraged Tokens GAL3L & GAL3S

2 day ago 11192

Gate.io will Delist Leveraged Tokens RNDR3L &RNDR3S

2024-07-17 UTC 7148

Gate.io Completes Delisting and Buyback of Scrat (SCRAT)

2024-07-17 UTC 3782

Gate.io Completes Delisting and Buyback of Lido Staked SOL (STSOL)

2024-07-16 UTC 5101

Gate.io Not Supporting MudAi Token (MUDAI) Swap and Delisting MudAi Token (MUDAI)

2024-07-15 UTC 12300

Gate.io to Delist PLAY Token (PLAY), Hoge Finance (HOGE), and YIN Finance (YIN)

2024-07-15 UTC 9490

Gate.io Not Supporting Scrat (SCRAT) Token Swap and Delisting Scrat (SCRAT)

2024-07-11 UTC 9116

Gate.io to Delist PymeDAO (PYME)

2024-07-09 UTC 12527

Gate.io to Delist DeSpace Protocol (DES)

2024-07-08 UTC 12491

Gate.io to Delist NIFTIFY (NIFT)

2024-07-08 UTC 10537

Gate.io Completes Delisting and Buyback of ulu (ULU)

2024-07-05 UTC 12164

Gate.io to Delist Fanadise (FAN)

2024-07-05 UTC 11610

Gate.io Completes Delisting and Buyback of MiraQle (MQL)

2024-07-04 UTC 9125
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