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    Gate.io Blog May 2022 | Gate.io Monthly Featured Articles

    May 2022 | Gate.io Monthly Featured Articles

    31 May 09:11

    Gate.io monthly featured articles will include the most liked and the most viewed entries from our May blog posts. We will also integrate the release of macro global events in the following month. Because the market is changing rapidly, our updates will help you capture the latest valuable information and ensure your access to quality articles.

    May Highlights

    #UST suffered depeg, LUNA slumped; #Azuki; #Optimism airdrop

    UST Decoupled from the US Dollar and LUNA Slumped by 60%
    “In the early morning of May 8, UST was decoupled from the US dollar price and fell to $0.98. LUNA followed as well. The original Terra network token was also implicated, dropping below $65 on the same day.”

    Luna Chain Reaction Poses Significant Capital Loss, and the Security of DeFi Financial Products Initiates Dispute
    “Luna's slump also brought turbulence to the whole crypto space. Several financial projects under the DeFi segment have become victims of market fluctuations.”

    USDT, DEI & Kava Network Stablecoin(USDX)also Suffer Depeg Amidst UST Blood Bath
    “The recent debacle concerning blockchain protocol Terra’s stablecoin, TerraUSD (UST), is yet to end. Other stablecoins appear to have joined in the fray, having lost their dollar peg over the past few days.”

    The Founder of Azuki Reveals His Rug-Pull Experience, Resulting in the Floor Price of Azuki Halved
    “Azuki community's trust in Zagabond began to collapse. Azuki’s floor price nearly halved in one day, falling from 20ETH to nearly 10 ETH.”

    Optimism Airdrop is Approaching, A New Concept of Community Governance Will Emerge
    “Optimism governance token airdrop really came, earlier than previously thought.”

    Twitter Users Favorites

    ❤️201 netizens expressed their love for “Can A Hard Fork Revive the Collapsed LUNA?

    ❤️134 netizens expressed their love for “Layer 2 Project Tour: How to Prepare for Arbitrum Airdrop

    ❤️115 netizens expressed their love for “Time is Your Money: Analog and Proof of Time

    💬98 netizens expressed their opinions for “The Decoupling of UST Triggered a Deluge of Regulation | What is the Future of Stablecoin?

    Tobias***: Above all, the case of $LUNA showed us that we need more transparency with the stable coins. These should be safe and I personally think that this only really succeeds with real values.

    Iskandar***: #LUNA reincarnates into a new memecoin With more advantages than others #LUNA will catch up #DOGE

    💬78 netizens expressed their opinions for “Luna Fell by More than 95% in a Single Day. What Is the "Death Spiral" Leading to Hell?

    Jo***: The Luna crash and the rescue action of the project team may become the last stone to overwhelm the entire cryptocurrency market.

    Geo***: Ironically, given the extreme volatility of the past week, Luna, or Terra Luna to give its full name, is supposed to be a ‘stablecoin’.

    Hot spots in the Crypto Space

    The Market Is Slumping Endlessly | Where Is the BTC Turnaround?
    “There is strong support for the price of Bitcoin in the area of $32000 ~ 35000. Bitcoin has touched this area and rebounded twice since 2022.”

    Digital Domain Name NFT Has Triggered An Upsurge——The Future Value of ENS
    “Ethereum name service (ENS) launched an airdrop of ENS tokens, which successfully triggered FOMO for countless people. Now, ENS has returned to the center of attention in another form - domain name NFT.

    With the Release of Roadmap 2.0, Can SushiSwap Rise Again?
    “The project will spend 6 million $SUSHI to make determined reforms in organizational structure, product renewal, community governance and other aspects within four years.”

    Introducing the "Web 3 Disney" AKA Yuga Labs
    “Since mid March, from the acquisition of CryptoPunks and Meebits, to the release of the ecosystem token Apecoin, and then to the release of the metaverse project Otherside, we have finally been able to see the full picture of the metaverse layout of Yuga Labs.”

    Global Affairs in June

    Previous Monthly Featured Articles

    Author: Gate.io Observer: Jill Ma Translator: Joy Z.
    * This article represents only the views of the observers and does not constitute any investment suggestions.
    *Gate.io reserves all rights to this article. Reposting the article will be permitted provided Gate.io is referenced. In all other cases, legal action will be taken due to copyright infringement.

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