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Announcements Predict the Super Bowl Winner & Share $10,000 Rewards

Predict the Super Bowl Winner & Share $10,000 Rewards

2023-02-06 02:06:40 UTC 61525 Read

The Super Bowl LVII is going to be live at 11:30 PM, Feb 12 UTC. The yearly gala will present us the championship battle between Chiefs and Eagles!

Who will be the winner? Chiefs or Eagles?

Predict the Winner & Share $10,000 Reward!

Predict the Winner

To enter, participants shall trade $200 or more spot volumes on USDT trading pairs (BTC/USDT excluded).

Trade Now

Activity period: 01:00, Feb 6 - 23:30, Feb 12 UTC


  • Participants who predict the winner right are able to share $8,000 rewards; others will share the other $2,000.

  • And the prize will be shared in proportion to the participant's trading volume.

For example:

Jack predicts Eagles win the championship and he’s right, and his spot trading volume is $5,000 and the total volume of all participants is $250,000.

Then, Jack can receive a reward of: (5,000 / 250,000) * $8,000 = $160.


1. To enter, users shall first predict the winner here and then complete the required trading volume.

2. Trading volume = Buys + Sells (The volume shall be from any USDT trading pairs on Gate.io (BTC/USDT pair excluded)

3. Participants shall complete KYC2 verification to be valid for the rewards;

4. The reward will be the equivalent of Gate.io Points with a 7-day valid period. Gate.io Points can be used to offset the trading fees.

5. For the prediction-successful winners, the top personal prize shall not exceed $200; for the prediction-failed participants, the top personal prize shall not exceed $50.

6. Rewards will be distributed within 14 working days after the activity ends.

7. The rewards distribution announcement will be released at Gate.io News;

8. Where any discrepancy arises between the translated versions and the original English version, the English version shall prevail;

9. Gate.io reserves all rights to the final explanation.

10. This event is not affiliated with Apple Inc.

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