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Announcements Clarification of Gate.io's assistance to Crypto.com to retrieve 320k ETH mistaken transfer

Clarification of Gate.io's assistance to Crypto.com to retrieve 320k ETH mistaken transfer

2022-11-13 08:54:11 UTC 164407 Read
On October 21, 2022 02:52 UTC, Crypto.com sent 320,000 ETH to the Gate.io account it was using. This large-amount entry triggered the security audit mechanism of the Gate.io platform, which was intercepted by the risk control system. After communicating with Crypto.com and confirming that it was an operation error transfer, we immediately started the asset return process and assisted in returning all the wrongly transferred assets. On-chain transfer address: https://etherscan.io/tx/0xb426efda7525776e856b414c87ec0d7859e9bccafe727c174c7b51ed7ada6bee

Safeguarding clients' assets is our number one goal. In digital asset trading, asset management has always been the most important thing for users. Whether the exchange can truly manage user assets fairly, transparently, and safely is the prior factor for all users to consider before conducting digital asset trading.

On October 19, 2022 00:00 UTC, Armanino, a well-known US auditing company, released Gate.io's asset reserve certificate and asset audit snapshot. Check the documentation at https://proof-of-reserves.trustexplorer.io/clients/gate.io

As the world's first trading platform committed to providing 100% margin, Gate.io closely cooperates with Armanino LLP to provide users with professional and reliable asset validation services in the form of open-source, transparent, blockchain signature and Merkle Tree. Presently, Gate.io has completed the second 100% margin audit. Users can view the results of the Gate.io asset audit on the Armanino official website.

Gate.io has always been committed to finding new ways to protect the security of customers' assets to keep up with the speed of the update and iteration of the crypto market. Gate.io closely cooperates with Copper, a leading provider of digital asset custody and trading infrastructure, to provide exchange users and custody clients with diversified and secured trading experience and custodian guarantees. We are now proud to announce that Gate.io will be joining Copper ClearLoop as a trading venue, which would allow our clients to trade on Gate.io while assets remain in safe custody. Users can view https://www.gate.io/article/28659

Thanks for the choice and trust of every Gate.io user!

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Gate.io Team
November 13, 2022
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