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Announcements Gate.io Crypto Crush Game: Play to Earn 1 BTC

Gate.io Crypto Crush Game: Play to Earn 1 BTC

2022-09-27 08:18:33 UTC 189484 Read
Is there any way to kill time while earning prizes? Well, you are just in the right place! A fun game goes live on Gate.io app. Awesome tools will help you clear both of the 2 levels to win 1 BTC, plus there are other prizes prepared for participants!

➣ Roadmap to the Game
Step 1: Open Gate.io App (Download Here)
Step 2: Click the icon “Crypto Crush Game” on the homepage of Gate.io App
Step 3: Clear 2 levels, and have fun with the game

➣ Rewards
🏆 Jackpot: 1 BTC
One winner will be drawn to win 1 BTC from participants who have cleared both of the 2 levels..

🏆 Top Ranking Prize: $2,600 to Be Split
Top 20 participants in the rankings will be selected to split the prize pool.
🥇No.1: $1,000
🥈No.2: $800
🥉No.3: $500
🏅No.4 - No.10: $200
🎖️No.11 - No.20: $100
(The less time you use to clear the 2 levels, the higher your ranking is. You can participate in the activity endlessly to refresh your rankings.)

🏆 Lucky Draw: $500 to Be Shared
50 lucky participants will be drawn to win $10 from those who have cleared at least 1 level.

➣ Game Rules
1) Click 3 same blocks to eliminate;
2) Different blocks you click will be collected in the collection tank at the bottom;
3) After eliminating all the blocks, you will clear the level; and if the blocks fail to be eliminated and the collection tank is full, this round of game is over;
4) Fortunately, when the collection tank is about to be full, there are 3 tools to help you move on and 1 chance to revive.

💡Tool 1: Move
Move 3 blocks out of the collection tank and put them aside.
$20 of the spot trading completed within the day can be used to get the tool.

💡Tool 2: Undo
Reverse the action of an earlier clicking, and put the block back.
$20 of the spot trading completed within the day can be used to get the tool.

💡Tool 3: Shuffle
Rearrange the positions of the blocks on the page.
$50 of the spot depositing, or $100 of the spot trading completed within the day, can be used to get the tool.

💡Chance to Revive
If you have failed in the game, don’t worry, there is one chance to revive in each round.
It will get you revived and help you move 3 blocks out of the collection tank.
Invite new friends to register, and you'll get the chance to revive.

*Friendly Reminder:
⬩These 3 tools and the chance to revive can be used only once in each round, but participants can get multiple tools by using the spot trading and depositing volume within the day;
⬩The spot trading and depositing volume are only valid within the day when participants play the game, to get the tools.

1. The game won’t stop until 1,000 participants have cleared both of the 2 levels! If there haven’t been 1,000 participants who have cleared the levels by the end of 08:00 AM, Oct 25 (UTC) since the beginning of this event, the game will stop.
2. Jackpot and Top Ranking Prize can be won at the same time, but users can win the Lucky Draw reward only once.
3. KYC2 verification (Verification Plus) is required for all the participants to receive the rewards above.
4. Users can only receive rewards from one campaign if participating in many other campaigns on Gate.io at the same time.
5. The rewards will be 1 BTC, random tokens and will be distributed within 7 working days after the event ends. The winner announcement will be released on the Gate.io News.
6. The Sub-Accounts and a Master Account will be treated as the same account. Multiple accounts with the same KYC verification will be counted as the same account to receive rewards only once.
7. Any cheating behavior is prohibited. In case of cheating, Gate.io reserves the right to disqualify the users involved and forfeit their rewards.
8. Where any discrepancy arises between the translated versions and the original English version, the English version shall prevail.
9. Gate.io reserves all rights to the final explanation.
10. This event is not affiliated with Apple Inc.
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