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Announcements Gate.io HODL & Earn Caduceus Metaverse Protocol (CMP) #2: Flexible Staking

Gate.io HODL & Earn Caduceus Metaverse Protocol (CMP) #2: Flexible Staking

2022-09-26 06:50:55 UTC 24825 Read

Gate.io HODL & Earn CMP #2 will be available at Gate.io's “HODL & Earn” under the flexible-term section. The interest rate is variable and the investment term is 28 days. Investors can subscribe to the product with no lock-up.

What? Flexible Staking & Earn CMP #2
When? 9:00 UTC, September 27th
Who? All gate.io users (KYC approved)

Rules of Flexible Staking & Earn CMP #2:
1) Subscribe directly, no need to lock up the token
2) Start Position: 1 CMP
3) Estimated annualized return is about 50%
4) Interest is calculated based on the 7-day average amount of token in position (excluding borrowed positions).
5) The project could be delisted in advance once the interest is distributed.

Caduceus Metaverse Protocol (CMP) Project
Caduceus is the Metaverse protocol for decentralized edge rendering, an infrastructure-level open blockchain platform specifically built for the metaverse and the decentralized digital world. Caduceus utilizes decentralized rendering and edge computing along with extended-reality technology to bring developers, creators, and users an unrivaled metaverse experience.

Important notice:
Locking your asset for a certain period of time is required. Your asset and interest will not be available until the end of the lockup term. You are unable to unlock and trade during that period of time, even if there are price fluctuations on the market. The interest received may not be sufficient enough to cover the losses caused by the price change. Please fully understand the risks.

Focus on GateEarn Live: Learn to Earn in a Secure and Easy Way
Room 👉 : GateEarn Live Special
Time: 4:00 UTC & 10:00 UTC, Every Thursday

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Gate.io Team
September 26th,2022
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