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Announcements Share the WCTC S2 Event with Friends Win up to $5,000 & An Instax Min

Share the WCTC S2 Event with Friends Win up to $5,000 & An Instax Min

2022-08-10 14:25:18 UTC 34242 Read
One of the most-anticipated futures tournaments of 2022 has officially opened its tickets..
Welcome to the WCTC S2 event.
Share this competition with your community and win a $5,000 prize!

Duration:Aug 10th - Aug 20th, 2022
Please fill in the form: https://www.gate.io/questionnaire/2148

How to win the prize:

Step 1: Find out information about WCTC S2 at: https://www.gate.io/competition/wctc#/home
Please confirm that you read the details of the activities.

Step 2: Make a video or graphic to introduce WCTC S2
Carefully read the introduction of the WCTC S2 page. You can make a video or graphic to introduce it, and post the video or graphic on all platforms. Use the hashtag #Gateio #futures #WCTCS2.

Step 3: choose a topic about the benefits of joining WCTC S2
We encourage you to choose a topic about the benefits of joining WCTCS2 or what you like best about WCTCS2!

Step 4: Showcase your graphic or video on social media
Please make sure that the content you produce is posted on your social media, we do not restrict channels.
The content be it in images, blogs, or videos, all are accepted.
All postings must be relevant to the event and must include the hashtags.
The rewards are as follows:
Special prize: For 1 user whose articles/ videos have excellent content.
Best content: For 10 users whose post has the most shares and likes.
Best inviter: Share $20,000 for users who book competitions and invite no less than 5 friends to join the 2022 WCTC S2.
The prize pool is limited, and we will make a comprehensive ranking based on social media influence (the number of fans, the number of likes, the number of comments, the number of reposts) and personal invite users quantity. First come, first served!

Terms and Conditions:
1. The tweets/ videos cannot be deleted.
2. All submissions must be the original work of the participant. Re-submissions of videos from previous Gate.io competitions are NOT eligible for this program;
3. Rewards will be distributed through tokens and distributed to the winners’ accounts. The transaction can be viewed at “My Wallets”–“ My Billing Details”;
4. Participants must agree and comply with Gate.io terms & conditions. Any defamatory content or actions against the Gate.io brand is strictly prohibited;
5. Gate.io reserves all rights to the final decision.

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