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Announcements Gate.io Bi-Weekly Report (July 1-15, 2022)

Gate.io Bi-Weekly Report (July 1-15, 2022)

2022-07-19 16:59:45 UTC 25474 Read

The Gate.io bi-weekly report brings you all the updates on the hottest events and new developments on Gate.io to help you stay in the loop.

A quick recap of the most significant events starting July 1 until July 15, 2022:

* Launched Multiple “Hodl & Earn” Financial Products on Gate.io

* Launched Multiple Mining Pools with Rewards and Bonuses available on Gate.io

* Listed Multiple Startup Projects and Tokens on Gate.io

* Launched Several Trading Competitions and Community Welfare Activities

1. Successfully Listed Numerous Startup Projects on Gate.io

In the past two weeks, we’ve listed many projects on our Startup platform, including MART, WRT, OGV, SWP, KUBE, IP3, XDB, OLE, SRT, TIFI, WZM. Among the current mainstream platforms, Gate.io Startup platform hosts the largest number of listed projects.

We exceed other platforms by far with a variety of quality Startups.

View More Startup Projects: https://www.gate.io/startup

2. Listed Multiple Tokens

Starting July 1 to July 15, Gate.io made trading and withdrawal services available for multiple tokens, including WRT, MART, OGV, SWP, KUBE, IP3, GBPT, XDB, OLE, SRT, TIFI, WZM, ZTG.

Trade at: https://www.gate.io/trade/BTC_USDT

3. Launched Multiple “Hodl & Earn” Financial Products on Gate.io

Gate.io launched several financial products, including

  • -Lock XRD Hodl & Earn

  • -Lock MESA Hodl & Earn

  • -Lock ZMT Hodl & Earn

  • -Lock PTS Hodl & Earn

  • -Lock GF Hodl & Earn

  • -Lock AME Hodl & Earn

  • -Lock TIFI Hodl & Earn

  • -Lock INTR Hodl & Earn

  • -Lock STEPG Hodl & Earn

  • -Lock KUBE Hodl & Earn

All with their annualized yield up to 100%.

View More Financial Products: https://www.gate.io/hodl

4. Launched Multiple New Liquidity Mining Pool Versions and Bonuses

A total of 3 new versions of liquidity mining pools (Automated Market Maker AMM) were released on Gate.io, including ZTG,INTR,ORAO. As of July 15, 2022, their annualized yield is up to 3004.58%, and total liquidity tops at 1,110,150 USDT.

5. Conducted Multiple Activities Offering Users Plenty Chances to Win Massive Rewards on Gate.io

Gate.io held 3 trading competitions and a total of 24 activities to benefit users over the past 2 weeks.

The following are the online trading competitions:

·July 4th - July 11th, ECO NFT Pre-Open ESG Financial (ESG): Join the Trading Competition, Share $10,000 Mega Reward!

·July 8th - July 15th, The Integrated Finance for Allverse: Join TiFi (TIFI) Trading Competition, Share $27,000 Mega Reward!

·July 13th - July 20th, The Cryptocurrency for Leisure & Travel: KubeCoin (KUBE) Trading Competition is Live, Win $25,000 Mega Reward in KUBE!

The welfare activities include:

·July 1st - July 4th, Gate.io BTC Sharkfin Carnival: Lock up & Share $10,000

·July 1st - July 21st, Wealth Creation Program: Get up to $50,000 a Month & Win An Apple Watch Series 7

·July 4th - July 18th, July Invention Challenge Contest: Refer your friends, Share $60,000 Rewards

·July 4th - August 7th, Gate.io Copy Trading Recruitment: Live Stream & Monetize Your Strategies!

·July 4th - July 6th, Gate.io Posts “Goodbye Blue Monday” Event, Waiting for You to Get Rewards

·July 4th - July 11th, $100,000 PRIZE POOL FOR P2P USERS

·July 5th - July 26th, BTC Prediction Contest - Win up to $1,000 Award

·July 6th - December 30th, New VIP Sharing Campaign, 60 Days Of VIP+1 Super Experience and Cash Rewards Coming!

·July 6th - August 31st, Gate.io Spot Market Maker Program is live! Get up to $2,000,000 monthly prize pool, and up to $10,000,000 in interest-free loans

·July 6th - July 13th, Copy Trading-Knowledge Test Event: Answer Right & Share $1000 Bonus!

·July 6th - August 6th, Faster And Easier To Upgrade: Copy Trading Traders Quick- upgrade Competition

·July 7th - July 14th, Gate.io Fiat Gateway Marathon | Buy Crypto via Simplex and Win A Share Of 5,000 USDT Prize Pool!

·July 7th - July 28th, Trading King Competition: Show Your Trading Ability, Share a $60,000 Award

·July 8th - July 10th, Gate.io CryptoWeekend Bonanza 2.0, Join & Win 1 ETH Every Week!

·July 11th - July 18th, Post Ads on Gate.io P2P and Share $30,000 Prize Pool

·July 11th, Gate Influencer Badge NFT, Share $50,000 & NFT Prize Pool

·July 11th - July 31st, Gate Influencers Orientation Season: Get Limited NFTs & Up to 50% in commissions

·July 11th - July 25th, Smart Quant Training Camp - Learn & Profit!

·July 11th - July 13th, Gate.io Posts “Goodbye Blue Monday” Event, Waiting for You to Get Rewards

·July 11th - July 15th, Gate.io Posts Fun Events, Waiting for You to Get Rewards!

·July 12th - August 2nd, Crypto Newbie Month: Receive Apple Family Rewards & $150,000 prize pool

·July 13th - July 18th, Invite Friends & Jump in the Gate.io Pools: $70,000 is Up for Grabs

·July 13th - July 20th, Gate.io Copy Trading - Perfect Your Profile Picture & Add Customer Service to Win $500

·July 14th - July 17th, Gate.io Mega Rewards for Sharkfin Beginners: Answer & Share $100,000

·July 14th - July 27th, Invitational contest - Share a $130,000 Prize Pool & Win OpenPunks NFTs

·July 14th - July 27th, New Trader Benefits: Apply to become a trader; Win up to $360!

·July 14th - July 28th, Crypto Newbie Month - Win The Trading Rewards, And Share a $100,000 Prize pool

July 15th, Gate.io Posts Fun Events, Waiting for You to Get Rewards!

·Gate.io Announcement on Receiving of $15 Points Bonus for Blog Invitation with One-Click

6. Gate.io Blog

Over the past two weeks, we have released a number of newsletters including:

·Market Trend 4/7 - 10/7|BTC and ETH regain strength after ‘tourist purge’, DeFi altcoins rally, FED signals another rate hike

·June 2022 | Gate.io Monthly Featured Articles

·Bitcoin Fell Below the 20,000 Threshold, and the Federal Reserve‘s Scale Reduction May Cause the Market to Continue to Decline

·What is Distributed Denial-of-Service(DDoS)Attack?

·Meta Sets to Open Clothing Store for Avatar in Its Metaverse

·What Is Soulbound?

·Daily Flash | GameStop Introduces Ethereum Layer-2-Based NFT Marketplace, Crypto Traders Anticipate Volatility Ahead of US CPI Release

·Daily Flash | Russia’s Sberbank Launched First Digital Asset Transaction, Bitcoin Bulls Could Not Sustain Higher Levels

·Why Many Crypto Assets Are Falling

·Twitter To Start Crypto Payouts For Creators

·El Salvador Purchases an Additional 80 BTC

·Nvidia Fined More Than $5 Million Over Crypto Mining Disclosure

·Gate.io Hires Former Google Exceutive As EVP To Accelerate Global Expansion

·Euro Coin(EUROC): A Euro-Backed Stablecoin

·Are These Signs That Crypto Is Recovering After Bloodbath

·Daily Flash | Markets Are Stagnant Amid Uncertainties, Three Arrows Capital Files for Bankruptcy in New York

·Market Trend 27/6 - 3/7|Bitcoin has its worst monthly drop in 11 years

·What Are Iceberg Orders & How Do Large Institutional Investors Conduct Them?

·British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Plans For Cryptocurrency

·Daily Flash | OpenSea Cuts 20% of Staff, Crypto Market Ascended for 2 Consecutive Days Although Bitcoin Bulls Showed Hesitance

·Kevin O‘Leary Predicts Massive Crypto Panic Event

·xHashtag: Web3 Credentials for Future of Work

View more blog posts at: https://www.gate.io/blog

7. Upgrade & Support

·Gate.io Has Completed Smaugs NFT (SMG) Token Swap

·Gate.io Has Completed Origin Dollar Governance (OGV) Token Distribution

·Gate.io Completed Tokyo AU (TOKAU) Token Migration

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Gate.io Team
July 20th, 2022
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