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Announcements Latest Upgrade - In Depth Influencer’s Equity System

Latest Upgrade - In Depth Influencer’s Equity System

2022-05-06 02:04:36 UTC 41808 Read
A Shout-Out and a sincere Thank You to all Gate Influencers who have supported Gate.io in the past. We commit to continue improving our service and strive to bring the best experience to all Influencers. In order to thank everyone for your support and trust in us, we will fully upgrade the Gate Influencers rights system. You can refer to the upgrade and apply for the corresponding channel certification according to your current rights and interests. The following are the rights and interests details, make sure you don't miss this!
If you want to join Gate Influencers, don't hesitate to contact: [email protected] or fill in the form: https://www.gate.io/questionnaire/1742

Remarks: The original VIP level corresponds to the conditions after the upgraded VIP level is upgraded.

Matters needing attention:
1. Bloggers who meet the VIP upgrade conditions can upgrade their rights and interests with the connected business staff.
2. Each VIP level will be reserved for 3 months. If there is no transaction volume meeting the platform’s conditions within 3 months, the system will automatically reduce the level.
3. Defaming Gate.io’s image is not allowed.
4. This is not a personal investment advice and does not represent Gate.io's official position.
5. Gate.io reserves the final right to interpret the changes and adjustments of the above equity

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Gate.io Team
May 5th, 2022
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