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Announcements Gate Union - Trader And Football Passionate

Gate Union - Trader And Football Passionate

2022-04-06 13:08:25 UTC 62926 Read
The cryptocurrency market is always full of surprises and fluctuations; we are witnessing the daily metaverse development, NFT, web 3.0, Defi,and so on… At the same time, a token for a football fan is also of equal interest as all the subjects mentioned above. Are you a trader and you have a passion for football? Do you share this passion with your friends? Then this is for you: Gate Union organizes a contest to invite new friends, participate in fan token trading, and receive valuable prizes.

Duration: Apr 6th - Apr 12th, 2022 (UTC)

Activities 1: Football and beginner:
The prize:

How to Participate:
Step 1: Create your content (image or video):
Choose topics about fan tokens that are also related to Gate.io. Indeed, you are familiar with football teams such as Manchester City, Paris Saint - Germain,... But did you know they have fan tokens? Let's find out and share your thoughts about fan tokens; invite more friends with a passion for football to bring back attractive rewards for both of you. You can learn more about fan token at our website: https://www.gate.io/articlelist/ann/0
Step 2: Choose a platform for posting:
We encourage you to use the popular platform in your country, so you can post your content on whichever social network you feel is most popular.
- Posts must have hashtags: #gateio #cryptoexchange #worldcup #makemoney
- Have your referral link (get the referral link) and get up to 40% commission at https://www.gate.io/referral
- Invited 3 new friends, completed KYC and trading fan tokens (eg: CITY, PSG, BAR, LAZIO...)
Step 3: Fill out the form so we can award you your prize:
The form link: https://www.gate.io/questionnaire/1650

Activities 2: The bravest team:
Users who invite friends will be the leader, and those who are invited will be as a team. Teams will compete against each other in terms of trading volume. During the event period, the trading volume of the whole group will be the basis for awarding the prize.
(Small tips: the larger the team, the easier it will be to win)
Please fill in the form with your information:https://www.gate.io/questionnaire/1650

Terms and Conditions:
1. The results for activity #2 are evaluated based on trading volume, including spot, margin, futures trading.
2. The video/post cannot be deleted. Videos that have been used in other cooperative events for Gate.io will not be counted in this program;
3. All submissions must be original works of the participant. Re-submissions of videos from previous Gate.io competitions are NOT eligible for this program;
4. Rewards will be given in equivalent tokens and distributed to the winners’ accounts and can be viewed at “My Wallets”–“ My Billing Details” ;
5. Participants must agree and comply with Gate.io terms & conditions. Any content or actions that could defame the Gate.io brand is strictly prohibited;
6. Gate.io reserves all rights to the final decision.

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Gate.io Team
Apr 06th, 2022
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