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Announcements Gate.io Miss/Mr. Popularity #2 | Win $3,000 in Rewards by Sharing Posts(Last 8 Days)

Gate.io Miss/Mr. Popularity #2 | Win $3,000 in Rewards by Sharing Posts(Last 8 Days)

2021-11-11 03:27:08 UTC 30277 Read
The “Gate.io Miss/Mr Popularity” event held in September has been successfully completed. The event attracted approximately 300,000 users and distributed a total of $3,030 in rewards. Due to popular demand, Gate.io will carry out a second “Miss/Mr. Popularity” event. In order to give our users a better experience, the following adjustments will be made to the rules of this event: The content shared to the post space on Gate.io posts needs to have #Miss/Mr. Popularity Posts to be considered valid for participation. For new users, please click to register at Gate.io to participate in the event.

Event Duration:
From October 18th to November 18th.

Event Hashtags:
#Miss/Mr. Popularity Posts

Event Rules:
Users can post an unlimited amount of content providing they add the hashtags #Miss/Mr. Popularity Posts to the post space on Gate.io. The top 30 users who share news on Gate.io posts and get the highest VIP Likes and score higher than 50 every week can win $20 points in rewards. Every month, the user with the highest Total VIP Likes will be rewarded with $50 worth of tokens.

Event Rules: VIP Likes are calculated from Monday to Sunday every week. The winners will be announced in the posts section next week by Gate.io’s official English account; "Marvel-N-Wonder". Please pay attention to the latest updates.

Gate.io will launch the "Influencer Recruitment Posts" program to create more appealing content by recruiting elite talent to express their views and share their experience. Our goal is to present a higher-quality crypto exchange for users. Those who are willing to share Gate.io posts must have many unique and interesting observations about the crypto space. If you are interested in this program, please pay attention to the “Influencer Recruitment Posts” announcement on Gate.io.

Additional notes:

(1)The [VIP Popularity] reward will not be distributed repeatedly every week. For example, A user has been rewarded in the first week, and the second week will no longer be included in the weekly [VIP Popularity] ranking.
(2)The shared content can not not contain profanity,, slander, insults, plagiarism, advertising, pornography, violence, or other undesirable content. (If this happens, users will not be included in the event).
(3)There is no limit to the number of daily posts per user. Rankings will be based on the total number of "VIP likes" of all posts.
(4) Only One Entry per person will be permitted (KYC must have been completed). The Sub-Accounts and Master Account will be treated as the same account when participating in the competition.
(5)Rewards will be distributed to the winning users accounts within 14 working days after the end of the campaign, which can be viewed at “My Finance” - “Billings”.
(6)[VIP popularity] scores and rankings will be based on Gate.io's data.

Scoring Rules:
The VIP level of the person who likes, determines the [VIP Popularity] of a post. For VIP0, it's 0.1 points, 1 for VIP1, 2 for VIP2, and so on. (Users can increase their trading volume and GT position to upgrade.)
Example: John Smith posted two items of news during the event, which got three separate likes from a VIP0, a VIP5, and a VIP10 user. So, John's VIP Like in terms of likes during the event was 0.1 + 5 + 10 = 15.1.

Posts entry:
Web page / client: log in to the web page - tabs section, select the "News" page, and click “Posts”

Mobile App: log in to the latest version of the App - select "crypto space" below to enter the“Posts”page.

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Gate.io Team

November 11, 2021

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