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Announcements Guide to Following Strategies(on web)

Guide to Following Strategies(on web)

2021-11-02 03:38:42 UTC 89482 Read

Users can follow signallers and strategies in "Strategy Pool" and "Leaderboard".

1.Strategy pool

Click on "Copy Trading" on the top navigation bar. Then click on "Strategy Pool", where users can select strategies and signallers to view or copy by applying filters including market, strategy type, running time, rate of return and trader nickname.


In "Leaderboard" users can view rankings, on which filters including strategy type, running time, rate of return and market can be applied. Users can view and copy the strategies on the rankings according to their demands. Rankings on Gate.io app only list the top 10.

3.How to follow strategies & users

Click on "Copy Trading" on the top navigation bar. In "Strategy Pool" and "Leaderboard", users can follow signallers and strategies. Click on the star icon of the strategy to follow. (Shown below in the screenshot)

You may also go to "Leaderboard"-"Recommended Strategies" and "Strategy List" to view other users' smart quant profile, where you can follow them by clicking on the "Following" button below their profile pictures.

4.My followings

You can view traders that you follow and copy the strategies that you follow to conduct copy trading in "Copy Trading"-"My Strategies"-"Following". In "Following Strategies", click on "Copy" to copy a strategy.

Go to "Following Traders" and click on "Detail" to enter the trader's smart quant profile.

In the selected trader's smart quant profile, you can view her/his strategies can copy them.

Gate.io reserves the final right to interpret the product.

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