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Announcements Dual Currency Products User Guide (On Web)

Dual Currency Products User Guide (On Web)

2021-09-16 09:55:27 UTC 107902 Read

Step-by-Step Tutorial on Web

1. If you're a Gate.io user, please log into your Gate.io account; if not, you need to sign up with Gate.io first. After that, click on "Earn" - "Dual Investment" to enter the Dual Currency product page.

2. Then, you can view products in the "BTC Section", "ETH Section", and "Recommended For You" sections.

①In the "BTC Section", the investment currency is BTC. You can check the APR, product name, linked reference price, holding days and other related information of products. Then, select one and click "Purchase".

②In the "Recommended For You" section, you need to answer some questions for Beginner's Guide on Dual Currency Products first. Then, you can select a product and click "Purchase". You can also click "Re-submit" to answer the questions again.

3. Next, you'll find yourself on the purchase page.

On this page, you can
①view the APR, product name, linked reference price, holding days, maturity day, remaining shares and other related information about the product.
②input the shares you'd like to invest in.
③check the predicted recoupment after inputting the investment amount.

4. Click "My Holdings" on the top-right corner of the Dual Currency Product page and you can view the details of your purchases.

Gate.io reserves the final right to interpret the product.

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