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Announcements How to Contact Buyer/Seller

How to Contact Buyer/Seller

2021-08-30 10:12:10 UTC 56376 Read
How to contact the buyer as a seller and how to contact the seller as a buyer are the same. Here we demonstrate how to contact the buyer as an example:

1.How to Contact Buyer/Seller (on Web)

After an order gets filled, it can be found in "Fiat Order"-"Current Order" or "Completed Orders". Find the order and click "Contact each other" to start a chat in the box on the left. You can also call the buyer/seller.

2.How to Contact Buyer/Seller (on APP)

Once an order gets matched/closed, you can find it by clicking on the top-right ledger icon on the "Instant Trade" page and then selecting "Unpaid/Paid". Enter the order detail page and click "Contact" in the upper-right corner. Then you can communicate directly with the other person in a chat box or in a phone call.

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