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Announcements Gate.io Daily Smart Quantitative Earnings Ranking Launched, Today’s Top Earning Strategy Reached 14318.9 USDT

Gate.io Daily Smart Quantitative Earnings Ranking Launched, Today’s Top Earning Strategy Reached 14318.9 USDT

2021-07-28 03:59:50 UTC 28876 Read
Gate.io's Quantitative Trading Center has now been revised and upgraded to help users trade quantitative digital assets with ease. The new version is renamed "Copytrading", and a comprehensive list of functions and pages has been included in this new version. The strategy sharers are officially named "Signallers", and signallers who gain followers get to enjoy 5% profit sharing at unlimited replication levels. The Leaderboard of the latest earnings ranking will be maintained by Gate.io daily for all users to see. Do you have what it takes to be a Legendary Signaller or Intelligent Follower?

Today's Quantitative Earnings Leaderboard

From the ongoing strategies, the highest total earning feature is [spot grid trading], and the trading pair [BTC/USDT], with an annualized return of [22.73%]. Total earnings have been [14318.9 USDT] with the trading strategy being copied [3] times. The initial creator of this trading strategy will earn 5% of all profits from the strategy.

Experience what it means to be a signaller or quantitative strategy follower today at:

Introduction of Copytrading

Users can view the performance of strategies created by other users in the leaderboard, and if they think a strategy has a better return than their own, they can copy the strategy's operating parameters to create an individualized version. All strategies are free to copy and 5% of the earnings will be returned to the signaller after the strategy is terminated.

*Please note that copying other signallers' trading decisions is risky and non-principal-capital-protected and may cause you to lose assets. Please uate the risk carefully before using the copy strategy function.

Click here to enter Web-Based Copytrading Portal:https://www.gate.io/strategybot
You can also directly click "Copytrading" on the top of the homepage to enter.

Tap here to enter App-Based Copytrading Portal:

At the time of this announcement, the recommended strategies listed on the Leaderboard contain six types of quantitative strategies: Grid trading, Contract grid, MACD (Moving Average Convergence/Divergence), DMA (Double moving average), MACD-RSI, DMA-RSI, which users can freely choose to follow and individualize. Leverage settings can be set to enlarge the principal capital and obtain multitudes of income. Gate.io will continue to launch various special quantitative strategies to meet the trading needs of more users, so stay tuned!

Instruction for Copy strategy:

About Quantitative Trading
What is quantitative trading: https://www.gate.io/cn/help/video/science/17403

About Grid Trading
Grid trading manual: https://www.gate.io/en/help/trade/gridtrade/17684
Grid trading (video): https://www.gate.io/en/help/trade/gridtrade/17752

About MACD
MACD quantitative strategy help center:
MACD Cryptopedia: https://www.gate.io/en/bitwiki/detail/652

About Double Averages
Dual moving average quantitative strategy:
Double averages Cryptopedia: https://www.gate.io/en/bitwiki/detail/656

About MACD-RSI Quantitative Strategy
MACD-RSI quantitative strategy help center:

About the Double SMA-RSI Quantitative Strategy
Double SMA-RSI quantitative strategy manual:

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Gate.io Team

July 28, 2021

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