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Announcements Gate.io Will Temporarily Resume the FEG Trading

Gate.io Will Temporarily Resume the FEG Trading

2021-05-14 04:19:42 UTC 307624 Read
We suspended the FEG trading for further investigation yesterday as we received a high volume of requests from the community and witnessed drastic fluctuations on FEG markets. After communicating with the FEG team, and listening to FEG holders and FEG Chinese community members, it is found the cause of the chaos in the community is mainly a misunderstanding. The team has apologized and taken action to clear it up. The team said the confusion was from an old post that they never actually partnered with. The FEG team also made statements on Telegram and twitter to clarify and apologized for this.

We understand that this FEG event has significant influence on FEG holders who need to trade or withdraw FEG tokens. Though they can still trade on a decentralized exchange, the high network fee and a 2% charge per transaction will make them suffer a loss. To mitigate their loss, we endeavor to provide them an easy and cost -efficient way to deal with their assets. We will continue to provide trading and withdrawal services to those FEG holders on Gate.io. The deposit service will keep suspending for now.

We are so sorry for the affected FEG holders and traders in this FEG event. As an exchange, we have to do our due investigation as a precaution when things like this happen.

The FEG trading FEG will start on May 14 2021 7:00 AM.
To further protect our users from making any mistake in placing orders, we have cancelled all pending orders in FEG markets. Users can place new orders according to the current market prices when the trading starts. Please note, the price might fluctuate drastically at the early stage of marketing re-opening. Please be aware of the risks and place orders with caution.
Gate.io is an established exchange that holds integrity, transparency, and fairness to a very high standard. We charge zero listing fees and only choose quality and promising projects. Our exchange consists only of 100% real trading volume. Thanks to everyone who has joined us in our journey. We always intend to improve and innovate to reward our users for their continuous support.

Gate.io Team
May 14, 2021

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