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Announcements Gate.io Has Swapped $Dogedash for $HELLO
Gate.io Has Swapped $Dogedash for $HELLO
2022-10-19 02:26:37 UTC 44333 Read
According to the official announcement of Dogedash, Dogedash will be rebranded as HELLO, and $Dogedash will be swapped for $HELLO at a ratio of 100:1. 100Dogedash=1HELLO. Gate.io has now completed the swap for all users. Users can now log in to their accounts to check their $HELLO balance. $HELLO trading will start on October 20th, 4:00am UTC.

HELLO token address: 0x0f1cbed8efa0e012adbccb1638d0ab0147d5ac00

Deposit HELLO: https://www.gate.io/myaccount/deposit/HELLO
Trade HELLO: https://www.gate.io/trade/HELLO_USDT

Please note that after the swap, HELLO token supply will be a hundredth of that of Dogedash, and the price will be 100 times that of Dogedash without considering other factors that might impact the price. Please have a clear understanding of this situation to avoid any mistake when placing an order.

Dogedash official announcement: https://coinmarketcap.com/community/articles/39920

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Gate.io Team
Oct 19, 2022

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