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Announcements HODL & Earn User Guide (App Version)
HODL & Earn User Guide (App Version)
2022-09-09 09:36:27 UTC 18314 Read

Structured Products User Guide (App Version)

1. Log in to your Gate.io account on App, and click "HODL & Earn" to enter the "HODL & Earn" page.

2. In the "New Listing" section, investors can check the product type, the annualized rate of return, terms, initial investment amount, and other information. Investors can select one product according to preference.

3. After entering the specific product page, investors can check the participation rules and rules of return. Confirm the details and click “Buy Now” to start trading.

4. Next, investors will find themselves on the “Confirmation Order” page where they have to enter the amount, tick to agree with the Structured Financial Product Purchase Agreement, and then click “OK”.

5. After completing the confirmation step, investors can check the details at “My Investment”.

6. The interest distribution of the product is subject to participation rules indicated on the product details page. Investors can click "View" and check the average position and interest accordingly.

7. After clicking on "Finished", investors can view participation history and settlement records, and learn more about the price observation records of Bearish SharkFin products.

Gate.io reserves the final right to interpret the product.
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