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Gate.io Needs You | Join The GateKeepers!

2022-08-15 14:39:10 UTC 27802 Read

Gate.io is calling upon crypto beginners and veterans to come together to help us advance the crypto future.
Are you excited about building a decentralized future? Then come partner with us and become a “Gatekeeper”.

Who are Gatekeepers?

“Gatekeepers” are honorary
Gate.io members who are passionate about advancing the crypto gospel. As a “Gatekeeper” you will:
  • - Fight FUD with facts.
  • - Perform research to learn more about Gate.io and the crypto space.
  • - Work directly with other members of the Gate.io team to promote the exchange.
  • - Help onboard new users to the platform and educate them about our wide array of products.
  • - Play a pivotal role in educating newbies about crypto and Web3.
  • - Help us maintain and moderate online and offline communities.
  • - Provide us with feedback to become better.

Who are looking for?
  • - Crypto enthusiasts
  • - Individuals passionate about propagating the Web3 gospel
  • - Growth hackers
  • - People who speak the crypto lingo
  • - Promoters etc

Not in any of these fields?
Don't worry we are flexible as regards to what your niche is.
We promote diversity and would love to have you apply!
Our only requirement is that you are excited to help grow Gate’s ecosystem.

What's in it for you?

  • - Competitive payment
  • - Access to exclusive Gate.io events & programs
  • - Access to exclusive merch & swag
  • - Highly lucrative Stake Based Pools

Do you think you have what it takes to work with other Gatekeepers to spread the crypto good news to the world? Sign up with the link below



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