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Announcements Gate NFT’s First Phase Fractional NFTs Subscription Starts! Come and OWN Your MAYC!
Gate NFT’s First Phase Fractional NFTs Subscription Starts! Come and OWN Your MAYC!
2022-06-29 02:23:54 UTC 17269 Read
We are proud to announce Gate NFT’s Fractional NFTs and Blue-chip NFT crowdfunding features.
As the world of Web 3.0 unfolds, NFT collections are now highly sought after, especially PFP NFTs. The fundamental reason for their popularity is based on pop-culture, and the potential monetary effect it brings along. Popular NFTs have high collection value and excellent appreciation, though the lofty price tag often prices out the casual NFT fanatics.
The introduction of fractional NFTs is the solution to widespread adaptation of popular NFT's and solves liquidity problems for some pieces.Gate NFT will launch fractional NFTs products and release blue-chip NFT crowdfunding functionality to boost the widespread adaptation of NFT technology.

The first phase of the fractional blue-chip NFT crowdfunding will feature MAYC (Mutant Ape Yacht Club) colletibles. Subscription for the MAYC#8016 will begin on June 29. The pilot series of fractional NFT products will be blue-chip NFT collections that have historically high demand in the open NFT market. Successful subscriptions can enjoy corresponding fractional NFT's avatar rights, low entry costs, huge upside and bargain-for-buck equity. Summarily, It puts you in the club of some of the most prestigious class of NFT collectors.

Subscription link:
Duration: June 29th, 2022 13:00 PM (UTC)-July 13th, 2022 13:00 PM (UTC)

1. The number of fragments of this fragmented NFT (MAYC) is 1000, and the subscription price of each fragment is 20USDT.
2. The user chooses to subscribe a certain number of shards (a single account is limited to a maximum of 5 shards).
3. After the subscription of all fragments is completed, the platform will buy NFT and distribute NFT fragments to user accounts according to the subscription share.
4. The final sale of MAYC is decided by the users who hold the shards. When the vote reaches 60%, the transaction proposal can be passed. The platform will sell NFTs on OpenSea and distribute the sale funds to the shard holders in equal amounts.Note: After the subscription is completed, the fragmented MAYC begins to circulate on the platform.
Note:When users buy and sell fragments, please pay attention to check whether the fragments are from the MAYC fragment portfolio certified by the platform, and beware of buying fake MAYC fragments.

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Gate.io Team
Jun 29th, 2022
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