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Home Gate.io Will Support the RAMP (RAMP) To LeverFi (LEVER) Rebranding

Gate.io Will Support the RAMP (RAMP) To LeverFi (LEVER) Rebranding

2022-06-28 03:31:06 UTC 38790 Read
According to the RAMP team, the RAMP is rebranding to the LeverFi and the RAMP token will be swapped for the LEVER at the ratio of 1RAMP=35 LEVER. Gate.io will support the rebranding and will swap tokens for users.

LEVER token contract address: 0x4B5f49487ea7B3609b1aD05459BE420548789f1f
Gate.io token token swap start date: July 4, 2022

Below are more details:
1) Gate.io has now closed the RAMP margin borrowing.The RAMP perpetual contract market is now in reduce-only mode.
2) On July 4 , 4:00 AM (UTC), Gate.io will close RAMP perpetual contract trading and auto-settle any open position.
3)Before July 4 , 8:00 AM (UTC), Gate.io will close the RAMP crypto loan, crypto lending, and liquidity lending services.
4) On July 4 , 8:00 AM (UTC), Gate.io will take the RAMP spot trading (quantitative and liquidity mining) and margin trading offline and cancel all open orders.
5) On July 4 , 8:00 AM (UTC), Gate.io will close the RAMP deposits and withdrawals.

Users who have outstanding RAMP perpetual contract positions should close their positions beforehand. Otherwise, any outstanding positions will be forced closed on July 4.
Users who have RAMP quantitative trading (grid trading included) should adjust their trading strategies beforehand. Any RAMP quantitative trading will be canceled on July 4.
Users who have provided RAMP liquidity in the liquidity pools should remove their liquidity beforehand, otherwise they will be forced removed on July 4.
Users who have participated in the lending and borrowing services should repay their loans beforehand.

6) When Gate.io completes the token swap, we will commence LEVER token trading. The token will use the ticker $LEVER. (The LEVER token trading commencement time will be announced later)

Please note, Gate.io will not support the RAMP token deposits and withdrawals after July 4. If you want to get your token swapped on Gate.io, please deposit earlier.

Deposit RAMP via: https://www.gate.io/myaccount/deposit/RAMP
Trade RAMP via: https://www.gate.io/trade/RAMP_USDT
Learn more: https://medium.com/rampdefi/ramp-may-community-update-bd60aa204766

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Gate.io Team
June 28, 2022

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