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Announcements Gate.io Will Not Support the UniMex Network (UMX) Token Swap for Users
Gate.io Will Not Support the UniMex Network (UMX) Token Swap for Users
2022-06-16 09:01:04 UTC 37197 Read
According to the UniMex Network (UMX) announcement, as part of the rebranding to Unlimited Network, a new token UWU will replace UMX and DGN to become the only native ecosystem token. The current UMX and DGN holders can choose to take part in the sacrifice period in order to receive UWU tokens. For any users who do not intend to take part in the sacrifice, they are advised to sell UMX and DGN tokens before or during the sacrifice period as” the tokens will serve no further purpose afterwards and only depreciate in value”, according to the FAQ from the team.

Gate.io is unable to swap tokens for users in this event. We will close the UMX trading on June 22, 04:00 AM UTC and continue to provide UMX withdrawal services for an extended 3-month period. Below are more details:

1) Gate.io will close the UMX trading (spot trading, grid trading and liquidity mining) on June 22, 04:00 AM UTC: If you have provided UMX in the liquidity mining pools, please remove your liquidity beforehand; If you have active grid trading strategies, please adjust your strategies beforehand.
2) Gate.io will continue to provide UMX withdrawals for another 3-month. But it is strongly encouraged to withdraw as soon as possible and make sure everything is done before the end of the sacrifice period.
3) Important: please do not send UMX directly from Gate.io to the sacrifice address.
Withdraw UMX to a personal wallet to which you have the private key instead. As you will need to connect the wallet to claim the new token on TGE in future, sending the UMX tokens directly from Gate.io will not be able to claim your tokens and lead to loss of your asset.

Withdraw UMX: https://www.gate.io/myaccount/withdraw/UMX
Trade UMX:

Learn more:

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Gate.io Team
June 16, 2022
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