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    Announcement of Gate.io's 9th Anniversary Brand Upgrade

    Create Time:2022-05-27 04:46:44 UTCRead:5749384

    As a world-leading crypto-financial technology company, Gate.io has operated securely for over nine years with a focus on technology-led innovation in the crypto field-namely to use the power of extraordinary technology to drive the rapid growth of the crypto industry.

    Since its founding in 2013, Gate.io has evolved from a secure transaction to an all-inclusive ecosystem. From "Your Gateway to Cryptocurrency" to "Gateway to Crypto", this new brand image and philosophy will give Gate.io a new industrial mission of promoting the evolution of the world's financial system.

    New Life: 9th Anniversary Brand Upgrade
    On its 9th anniversary and with more than 10 million users worldwide, Gate.io has been rebranded to be more inclusive, integrated, unique and mature, to welcome a new chapter in the rapidly evolving crypto economy.

    Brand Logo: The logo features a 3/4 circle symbol, representing Gate.io's open and inclusive attitude with its security and stability. It consists of the circle symbol and a creative block element symbolizing blockchains, which together form the initial G standing for Gate.io. This G is the closure of upgrade and the beginning of breakthrough, realizing the dream of linking worldwide.

    Brand Slogan: The new brand slogan, Gateway to Crypto, inherits the Gateway element of Gate.io's brand content. The change from complexity to simplicity responds to the trend of the times and industry development, while conveying Gate.io's brand vision of connecting you and me. The new brand slogan will convey Gate.io's brand positioning at this stage, allowing users to truly feel that Gate.io is the entry point to everyone's crypto treasure, whether it is on the frontier of development or the uncharted territory of unlimited possibilities.

    Color scheme: Gate.io's new logo is a combination of blue and green, which represents integrity, reliability and vitality. The colors together reflect the brand's 9-year heritage and transformation. Visually and internally, it demonstrates the brand's progress in technical strength and financial experience.

    Gate.io believes that the future of the digital world comes from innovation and progress with faith in security. The new brand logo signifies that Gate.io will embrace the booming blockchain era with a new brand image and services.

    All-in-One Ecosystem: New Functions for the 9th Anniversary
    Gate.io Lite (Lite APP): The mobile application update allows users to select the "Lite App" version, providing convenient and flexible trading access to over 1,400 digital assets. The Lite App has a cleaner and more user-friendly interface, enabling new and existing users to invest and trade more quickly and efficiently, with a full set of smooth and intelligent trading experiences.

    Mini APP: Mini App is a convenient portal to third-party applications, also part of Gate.io's open platform. Through Mini APP, users can browse third-party crypto applications more efficiently and seamlessly. Currently, the mobile service is being updated, and the web version will be released soon.

    GameFi Center: one of the channels of the Mini APPs is GameFi Center, which provides cost-effective and high-performance blockchain technology support for GameFi projects through its own innovative GateChain public chain and cross-chain protocol, and provides a stable loading platform for third-party applications. GameBox, an independent game collection, is now available on the GameFi channel, where you can enjoy games and earn tokens at the same time.

    With the expansion of the business, different types of applications such as purchase, travel, gift cards and ticketing will be provided in the future, and users can enjoy various services without the need to register additional third-party accounts.

    Gate.io's ninth-anniversary brand upgrade is a milestone and a new starting point. There are only a few crypto exchanges in the global crypto market that have been operating securely and stably for nine years. Thanks to the trust of global users, Gate.io is fortunate to have achieved outstanding crypto results and effectively driven the industry's historical progress. In the next stage, Gate.io will base on its new brand image and philosophy to accelerate the application of global blockchain technology and build a more open, free and innovative economic and financial system for the world, to liberate wealth through crypto.

    Gate.io 9th Anniversary Celebration Events are underway and the total rewards is up to $9,000,000!There are 999 grams of 999.9 pure gold bricks, space travel NFT mystery boxes, and $5 million in contract trading tournament prizes awaiting you!

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    Gate.io Team
    May 27

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