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Gate.io Instructions on Posts (App)

2021-10-29 09:22:11 UTC 73473 Read


1.Gate.io Posts Instruction

Dear Users,
Gate.io has launched a “Posts ”section which offers a lot of exciting features. You can share your moments and activities, follow others and much more. In order to maintain a healthy and orderly environment, protect users’ rights, and improve user experience here, all users shall comply with laws and regulations and the Posts Instruction when using Posts functionality at Gate.io. Please read the Gate.io Posts Instruction carefully and communicate and share your information in a rational and polite way. Let’s build a friendly and healthy interactive environment together!

Activating or using the Posts functionality in any form, directly or indirectly, will be deemed that you agree to all the content in this statement and commit to following the rules.

1. Any images, information, video, links and other content posted at the Posts section is made public by the user who published them and the user is solely liable for his/her behavior; the original author reserves the copyrights to the information and content. Republishing of any content shall be for informative purposes only. Any user should strictly follow the republishing rule and keep the information and content intact and truthful in uploading, downloading, republishing, transferring, or using the information and content. In case of any disputes or infringements caused by improper conduct, the user should be solely liable for any damages and consequences. Gate.io doesn’t take any responsibility. Infringements include but are not limited to:

1.1 Publishing others' original articles without permission to infringe on others’ intellectual property rights.

1.2 Publishing others' identity card numbers, photos, or other privacy information without permission to infringe on the legitimate rights of others such as portrait rights and privacy rights.

1.3 Defaming others with fabricated or distorted facts, or insulting or libeling or using other ways to make damages to others’ reputation.

1.4 Publishing business secrets without permission to infringe on companies' legitimate rights.

2. When publishing information or setting accounts, users should not use any politically suggestive or misleading information, and should not use information expressly or implicitly related to Gate.io or other exchanges, including but not limited to, using an exchange’s logo as avatar or using "customer support" or relevant words as username. Infringements include but are not limited to:

2.1 Using any username, nickname or avatar, or making any remark or post that is related to politics, national leaders or statesmen.

2.2 Using Gate.io or any other exchange's logo or name as username or avatar to confuse, mislead, or scam users or get trust from users; or libeling or in any other ways defaming the related business entity.

2.3 Impersonating another person by using his/her image or illegally using or stealing other person’s image without permission.

3. Users are prohibited from publishing false, unconfirmed information that is not officially permitted or deemed as unsuitable to be disclosed or those that may potentially infringe privacy of others.

4. Users are prohibited from publishing offensive, aggressive or insulting remarks or images or attacking others, verbally or physically, on religion or nationality.

5. The displaying or publicity of information at Gate.io Posts section published by users does not mean that Gate.io agrees to the viewpoint or guarantees the authenticity or suitability of such information. Any such information should not be regarded as any trading or service basis or investment advice. Gate.io does not take any responsibility for any damages or consequences caused by incorrectness, omission or inaccuracy of any information posted. The information at the Posts section is for communication and interaction between users only.

6. The Posts section prohibits any user or livestreamer from carrying out prohibited business, including but not limited to delegated investment business, creating groups to provide 1-to-1 investment service, delegated trading or other services that may charge consultant fees, or promoting products or services other than Gate.io. Users or livestreamers are solely liable for their own behaviors and Gate.io does not take any responsibility. Users should fully understand related risks and make informed decisions to avoid any fraudulence or losses.

7. Gate.io shall not be liable for any damages or consequences caused by any interruption, malfunction or temporary closure of service of Posts section due to hacking, computer virus, political factors or force majeure.

8. Any user should not publish any illegal or prohibited content, including but not limited to porn (or near porn), violence, gambling, information that may harm website security, information related to prohibited items, fraudulent advertisement, advertisement of illegal items, misleading or false content, or content inducing others to follow or share. Gate.io may block or terminate the use of account functionalities if any violation of the above rules is found. Penalty is based on the severity and frequency of the violation. Definitions: 8.1 Porn or porn-related content

8.1.1 Publicize salacious or erotic content, or send pornographic information in text, video, comics or in other forms.

8.1.2. Publicize porn-related or sexually suggestive content to attract attention from others.

8.2. Violence

8.2.1. Publicize images or videos about killing, disabling, abusing person or animal or wounding with shooting, beating, or torturing.

8.2.2. Images related to drug-taking or self-injury.

8.2.3 Illegal sales of replica guns, bow and arrows, controlled knives, air guns or any other lethal weapon; or content that describes weapons for the purpose of encouraging illegal use or reckless use of weapons.

8.3. Gambling content is information related to organized and crowd gambling, sales of gambling equipment, gambling techniques or tricks or cheats.

8.4. Harmful information to website security includes but not limited to phishing websites that may induce users to get illegal gain, virus, malware, code segment or program that may harm the normal and orderly operation of the website.

8.5.Advertising content is information for the purpose of getting money by deception (example: project of 5000% return rate or award-wining information ), or exaggerating return to mislead and induce users to participate in risky projects (example: shit coin)

8.6 False information includes fabricating, forwarding, disseminating fake facts, or hiding the truth, including but not limited to:

8.6.1 False information involving opposing fundamental principles established by the Constituion and the socialist system, endangering national unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity, betraying state secrets, endangering national security or damaging national honor and interests.

8.6.2 False information that incites hatred, discrimination and misunderstanding among countries, regions, nationalities and religions and damages good customs.

8.6.3 False information that disturbs social order and causes or may cause public panic.

8.7 Other content involving in violation of laws and regulations or relevant rules In case of any of the above-mentioned acts, the platform has the right to make punitive treatment according to the circumstances of violation.

9. Should the information published in the Posts section in any jurisdiction for any person's use or distribution to any person violate the laws or regulations of that jurisdiction or result in the website or its third-party agent being subject to any regulatory requirements in that jurisdiction, the content should not be used or distributed to any person in that jurisdiction. Users shall guarantee that they will not be restricted or prohibited from using or distributing the content.

10. The Posts section can not identify the intellectual property rights of the uploaded pictures or texts. If the published content infringes the intellectual property rights of any third-party media or individuals, please send us a letter and provide the ownership certificate. If there is any infringement after investigation, we will delete the content within three days after receiving the letter.

11. If any remark or content posted by any user violates any of the above rules, the remark or content will be deleted. If the user republishes the deleted remark or content, he/she will be blocked from using the functionality for 3 days to 3 months.

12. Gate.io reserves the final interpretation rights to the Instruction.

How to view Posts Instructions on the web?

1. Log in to your Gate.io account on the web. Hover your cursor over "News" in the upper navigation bar and click "Posts".

2. Click "Moments Posting Rules" to learn more.

2.Gate.io Posts Instructions (on APP)

Gate.io Posts rules:

1.KYC (Identity verification) must be completed before posting texts.
2.KYC (Identity verification) must be completed before posting emojis, pictures or videos. And your VIP≥ 1.
3.Each account can make a post every five minutes.
4.Newly registered users cannot make posts within 24 hours. V0 users can make posts five times a day and reply/comment 10 times a day; There are no restrictions on VIP1 and above users.

Step-by-step instructions on APP:

1.Log in to your Gate.io account on App. Click "Community" on the bottom navigation bar to enter the "Posts" page.

2.Here is a detailed explanation for what you can expect on this page:

① From left to right:
[Recent]: A gathering of real-time, public posts published by all users.
[Hot]: Hot posts with many likes and comments
[Following]: Posts made by users you have subscribed to.
② Your posts homepage.
③ You can choose to follow or block the account of this post here.
④ From left to right:
[Like] This feature enables you to tip the poster with a certain amount of tokens.
[Share] To forward this post to others.
[Like] Click this to show that you like this post.
[Comment] To publish your comment on this post.
⑤ Click the red "paper plane" button at the bottom-right corner to publish your own posts.

①Write texts for your post.
②Add pictures.
③Choose who can view your post: All To Anyone or Exclusive Subion.
④From left to right:
[Pictures]: Add a pictures for your post.
[Video]: Add a video for your post.
[Voting]: Initiate a vote.
[Topics]: Add a hashtag for a hot topic.
[Hashtags]: Add a token hashtag to your post.
[Emoji] Add emojis to your post.
When all fields are set, click "Publish" at the upper-right corner to publish your posts.

3.How to subscribe(On APP)

Exclusive Subion setting rules:

1.KYC (Identity verification) must be completed before setting the "exclusive subion". 2.Your VIP level must be level 3 or above. 3.Your subscribers would be entitled to view any exclusive posts and live streams you make. 4.The income from the subion will be settled every 30 days and credited to your account after settlement.

3.1 How to set Exclusive subscribe in Posts on APP.

1.Log in to your Gate.io account on App. Click the icon at the top-left corner.

2. Click "Community Page".

3.Click "My Creation Center".

4.Click on "My Creation Center".click "Turn On Now" (or "No, thanks" if you prefer not to enable it)

5.Customize your subscribe plan and click "Turn On Now".

①Users get to decide the subscription fee as they prefer, but it should not be less than 0.1 GT.
②Choose a discount rate for auto-renew. Discount rates available: 0%, 10%, 20%... 90%.

Users who check auto-renew can continuously enjoy the set discount and can choose to stop auto-renewing when a term ends. A price uplift: auto-renew at the same previous price. A price decrease: auto-renew at the new lower price when a new term begins.

6.The following page is to indicate that you have successfully turned on "Exclusive Subscribe".

7.Details of "Exclusive Subscribe" is shown in the following screenshot:

① [subscribe List] Click to view details of all users who have subscribed to you.
② [Income Records] Click to view your income records from the subscribe feature.
③ [Settings] Click to modify your subscription plan.

8.Steps to make posts for "Exclusive Subscribe":
①Click the bottom-right button to choose target users who can view them.

②Check "Exclusive Subscribe".

Note: If you want to make your live stream accessible to subscribers only, you should only contact this TG:@GateLive_Learn for help.

3.2 How to Unsubscribe From His/Her Posts/Live Stream on APP.

1.Log in to your Gate.io account on App. Click the icon at the top-left corner.

2. Click "Community Page".

3.Click "My Subscription".

4.You may view current and expired subscriptions in "My Subscription", and click on the user you want to unsubscribe.

5.Choose “Cancel Subscription”

4.How to Change Your Nickname & Avatar

Nickname Rules:

1.One change only within 24 hrs, six changes in total in a lifetime. Please change with caution.
2.Don't use your real-world name or contact information to protect privacy.
3.Nickname should comply with the laws and regulations of the country or region where the user is located.
4.Nickname should be no longer than 12 characters. Special characters are not supported.

Avatar Notice:

1.Only supports JPG and PNG formats currently.
2.Do not use your selfie or other real images to protect privacy.
3.Nickname should comply with laws and regulations of the country or region where the user is located.
4.You can select a photo from your phone album or take a new one.

If any of the rules above are violated, Gate.io may modify it or even mute or block your account.

How to change your nickname and avatar on APP:

1.Log in to your Gate.io account on App. Click the user icon at the top-left corner on the "Markets" page.

2.There are two methods to change your personal info/avatar
① Click the top column to enter the "User Info" page.

to enter the "Edit Profile" page.

②Alternatively, you can go to the "Community Page" page from the navigation column.

Click the icon at the upper-right corner of your avatar to enter the "Edit Profile" page.

3.On the "Edit Profile" page, you can change your nickname and avatar with just one click.

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