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Home How to Subscribe To His/Her Posts/Live Stream (on APP)

How to Subscribe To His/Her Posts/Live Stream (on APP)

2021-10-29 07:29:51 UTC 57028 Read

How to subscribe to his/her posts/live stream

1.Log in to your Gate.io account on App. Click "Community" on the bottom navigation bar. Then click the magnifying glass icon at the top-right corner under the "Posts" tab.


2.Now we are going to give a step-by-step instruction on viewing a user's posts (taking that of the user "酒儿么么哒" as an example):


①You can either enter the full username or part of it.

③Select the user you want to follow.

3.Click the user to enter her posts page.


① [Subscribe]: Click to enter the "Billed Subscription" page.

②[Fan/Following/Subscribe] Fan: The number of her followers; Following: The number of other users she has followed; Subscribe: The number of her subscribers.

③ [Posts/Ranking] Posts: Displays a complete history of her posts; Ranking: Click to view her latest ranking; Live: Click to view all her live stream videos.

4.Click "Subscribe" to enter the "Billed Subscription" page.


① Choose a period of time for your membership.

② Tick to enable "Auto Renew"

5.Click "Subscribe Now" and enter the fund password.

Subscription Notice:

1.The service is a billed subscription for a fixed term. You can use all the services in the subscription within the valid period of time once successfully subscribed.

2.You become an exclusive member of this user through the paid subscription and you will automatically follow the user. All content is provided by the user and the user has the right to explanation for the service.

3.Auto-renewal rules:

② Stop Auto-renew: If you want to stop auto-renew, you need to manually turn off the auto-renew feature in "My subscription" before the current subscription term expires;

③ Price change: In case of a subscription price increase of the account you have subscribed to, the auto-renew price will be the same as the previous price. In case of a price decrease, the auto-renew price will be subject to the latest lower price.

4.All content is published by the user you subscribed to and gate.io does not give any guarantee. If you find any illegal information, please report to Gate.io immediately.

5.If you have any questions during the subscription, please contact Gate.io customer support for help.

6.If unsubscribe, you will get a refund based on the remaining number of days of your subscription period (the service period of less than one day will be calculated as a full day).

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