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Announcements About Spot Trading
About Spot Trading
2022-03-25 08:51:27 UTC 263675 Read

Definition of Spot Trading

Spot trading refers to crypto-to-crypto trading, using one cryptocurrency to buy another. The trading rule is to complete the matchmaking according to the price priority and time priority order, settling exchanges between crypto assets. For example, BTC/USDT refers to the exchange between USDT and BTC.

Limit order: Users set the buying and selling prices. Only when the market price matches the set price, the order will be filled. If the market price does not match the set price, limit orders will keep waiting. Note: When the set buying price is higher than the market price, the limit order will be settled at the market's best available price. When the set selling price is lower than the market price, the limit order will be settled at the market's best available price.

Market order:A market order is an order that will be filled at the best available market price immediately.

Iceberg order: Iceberg orders can hide the real order amount and only show the entered visible amount on the public order book. Note: The hidden portion of iceberg orders will be filled first. The trading fee for this portion is 0.2% and the trading fee for the visible amount is the normal trading fee. If the filled amount consists of both the hidden and the visible, the trading fee will be charged at 0.2%.

IOC (Immediate Or Cancel): The order will try to fill all or part of the order amount immediately at the price and amount available, the unfilled part will be cancelled.

The Trading Page

① Markets
② 24-hour trading statistics of the pair
③ Candlestick chart and technical analysis tools
④ Order Book⑤ Newest Trades⑥ Selling Orders (Asks)⑦ Buying Orders (Bids) ⑧ Click this button to go back to the previous version of spot trading⑨ Spot user tutorials
⑩ Spot trading
⑪ Grid trading
⑫ Click this to enter the previous isolated margin trading page
⑬ Placing order section
⑭ Order Section: "Open Orders", "Order History", "Trade History" are included in this section. You can check the details of all your orders here.
⑮ Internet connections
⑯ A fast preview of different trading pairs
⑰ Assets Section
⑱ Global markets, news, chatroom, online customer support, submit request, satisfaction survey
⑲ Conditional orders: "Limit", "Market", "Stop-Limit", "Time Condition", "Trailing Reversal Order", "Loop Order" are included in this section.

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