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    13.02M ZEC
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    21M ZEC
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    About Zcash (ZEC)

    Zcash is a digital currency or cryptocurrency, just like Bitcoin.

    Zcash was conceived by a team of world-renowned scientists from MIT, Johns Hopkins University and other respected academic and scientific institutions. It is based on the original Bitcoin code base and has made a number of key improvements, namely, the shielded address to protect privacy and the community development fund.

    You can use Zcash to buy goods and services - it's fast and confidential, and it's perfect for payment - or you can convert it into another currency, including US dollars, euros or other legal tender.

    The main difference between most cryptocurrencies and traditional currencies is that each transaction is tracked and managed on a decentralized public blockchain, rather than by a central institution (such as a bank). It means you really have your money.

    How does Zcash (ZEC) Work?

    Zcash is a privacy-protected digital currency based on strong science. With Zcash, people can trade efficiently and safely at low cost. Shielding Zcash ensures that transactions remain confidential, while allowing people to selectively share addresses and transaction information for auditing or compliance.

    Zcash addresses are either private (z-addresses) or transparent (t-addresses). The private z address begins with "z", and the transparent t address begins with "t". There are four types of transactions between these two addresses.

    The Z-to-Z transaction appears on the public blockchain, so it is known that it has occurred and has been paid. However, the address, transaction amount and memo fields are encrypted and not publicly visible. This type of encryption can only be achieved by using zero-knowledge proof.

    The owner of the address can choose to disclose the z address and transaction details to trusted third parties by using the viewing key and payment disclosure - considering the needs of hearing and compliance.

    T-to-T transactions work like Bitcoin: the sender, receiver and trading value are publicly visible. Although many wallets and exchanges today exclusively use t-addresses, many wallets and exchanges are turning to blocking addresses to better protect user privacy.

    These two Zcash address types are interoperable. Funds can be transferred between the z address and the t address. However, it is important for users to understand the Privacy Impact of blocking or unblocking information through these transactions.

    What is Zcash (ZEC)?

    Zcash is a private currency for anonymous digital payments. Use encryption tools to ensure transaction confidentiality. It is a fungible cryptocurrency. This means that there is no trace of you in the trading records. Zcash seeks to be a better alternative, while Monero is a pioneering trading privacy currency.

    Zcash (ZEC) Crypto Wallet

    In addition to placing ZEC in the Gate.io exchange to facilitate trading, ZEC can also be placed in a crypto wallet.

    ZEC has different types of wallets to choose from: hardware, desktop and mobile wallets, to name just a few, so be sure to choose a wallet that can provide the mobility and security you need.

    Except for Zcash and Zebrad full node wallets for advanced users, Electric Coin Co. and Zcash Foundation have not officially recognized specific digital wallets. The information on this page is provided to simplify the overall digital currency experience.

    Please remember that your wallet is like your bank account, so please take extra precautions against your password and ensure regular backups to protect your funds.

    Most wallets can be downloaded for free, so don't be afraid to try multiple wallets before submitting. Users who store a large amount of cryptocurrencies usually use a custodian or hardware wallet.

    Using Zcash to shield the address and transaction, the data of sender, receiver and amount are encrypted, which means that even if the transaction is verified on the public blockchain, no one can see the inherent data of these transactions. This is widely considered to be the most powerful privacy of all cryptocurrencies and one of the best things about Zcash. To use blocked addresses and transactions, download one of the wallets.

    Nighthawk: Zcash mobile wallet, supporting Memo and transparent address.
    Zecwallet Lite: Zcash mobile or desktop wallet, supporting Memo and transparent address.
    Unstoppable: multi-currency mobile wallet, supporting Memo.
    Edge (Android only) mobile wallet: multi-currency wallet, supporting Memo. IOS support is expected in mid January 2022.

    Zcash Market

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