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    133.6M HNT
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    223M HNT
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    About Helium (HNT)

    Helium Network, also known as people's network, is a blockchain based peer-to-peer (P2P) wireless network that connects IOT devices to the Internet in a safe, cost-effective and energy-saving manner.

    Launched in 2019, HNT is a decentralized, open and distributed network of remote wireless routers for wireless devices. The transaction price of HNT is $12 per token, the current circulation is 870,000, and the market value is $100 million.

    Helium relies on devices called Hotspots, which are tested wide area network routers (LoRaWAN) that can be used on the network. As the mining hardware and node of Helium blockchain, each Hotspot can be purchased and configured by users or companies.

    The access points communicate with each other using the Longfi protocol developed by Helium. This open-source protocol allows developers to create applications that can run on the Helium network. In addition, the protocol allows routers to exchange data with compatible devices over long distances (200 times more than using Wi-Fi) in a very energy-efficient manner.

    How does Helium (HNT) Work?

    The Helium blockchain is responsible for maintaining an immutable record of transactions within the network. It uses a new proof of coverage (PoC) algorithm to verify the location of the access point and determine its actual coverage. The algorithm uses radio waves to Ping the router through a mechanism called PoC Challenges, which helps to determine the quality of the network. Hot spots participating in PoC challenges can be rewarded with HNT after one season.

    The blockchain relies on the Helium consensus protocol, which is based on the HoneyBadgerBFT, which allows node groups to reach consensus on untrusted connections. In the Helium Consensus Protocol, a consensus group composed of 16 members is elected quarterly. All active access points are eligible to be selected into the consensus group. The selection is random, but filters are applied to ensure that members are geographically different. In each election:

    - The 12 members with the strongest mining performance remained in the consensus group unless they had reached the limit of four consecutive epochs. When this limit is reached, they will be phased out, although they may be re-elected in the next election.
    - The four worst performing members were replaced.
    - If a member was eliminated before completing four consecutive seasons, the other 15 members had to be completely eliminated before they could be re-elected.

    After one season, the members of the consensus group received 6% of the total mining reward and were distributed to 16 members on average.

    What is Helium (HNT)?

    Helium is a peer-to-peer wireless network for low-energy IoT (Internet of Things) devices to connect to the Internet. The native Helium network token is called Helium Network Token (HNT). Its supply is limited and it is mainly used for two purposes:

    Mining reward: hotspot operators receive HNT as a reward for maintaining, providing and verifying hotspot coverage and transmitting equipment data. The reward amount is based on the coverage quality and the amount of data transmitted.

    Data Credit (DC): HNT is burnt to generate DC, and the network accepts it as payment for network services such as data transmission and transaction fees. DC is a non exchangeable utility token pegged to the US dollar. 100 CDs are worth $1.

    Helium tokens rely on Burn-and-Mint Equilibrium (BME) to ensure that Hotspot operators are still motivated after the network stops minting.

    When a certain amount of HNT is burnt, an additional equivalent amount of HNT is minted and reintroduced into the supply. This process is called net issuance. There is a limit on the amount of HNT generated in net emissions, which can be adjusted according to market conditions.

    Helium (HNT) Crypto Wallet

    In addition to placing HNT in the Gate.io exchange to facilitate trading, HNT can also be placed in a crypto wallet.

    In the blockchain project, there are various wallet applications to help users manage their private keys, so that they can sign transactions and transfer assets.

    For the Helium Network, the wallet has the ownership of the hotspot itself, Helium Network Token (HNT) and / or data credit (DC).
    Depending on your situation, one of the wallets here may be the most suitable.

    In February 2022, the Helium core team announced the future of Helium Apps - splitting the existing Helium Hotspot application into two functional components; Manage hotspots and manage tokens.

    The Helium Wallet application is a separate application for managing your tokens and identity on the Helium Network!

    Multi account support
    Account balance
    Address book
    Validate your Helium identity
    Helium voting
    Multi payee payment support
    Command line interface Wallet

    The Helium Command Line Interface (CLI) wallet is the most flexible, but it also requires more technical knowledge. Therefore, it is applicable to all types of transactions, but it represents that its users need to be more cautious.

    Ledger Wallet: Helium Ledger Wallet is an application that runs on Ledger Hardware Wallet. Ledger hardware wallet is the safest way to send and receive Helium Network Tokens (HNT), but currently it does not support other transactions.

    Helium Hotspot App focuses on people who want to send or receive HNT or manage hotspots. Other activities, such as managing terminal devices and OUI (i.e. network users), are usually best suited for command-line wallets. It can be downloaded for iOS or Android phones and provides simple pairing and settings with Hotspots.

    Helium Market

    Currency Price 24H Change Action
    3X Margin
    $2.47278 +1.9% Trade
    $2.406 -0.62% Trade
    $2.47278 +1.9% Trade

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