What is Nano? All You Need to Know About XNO

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Nano (XNO) is a digital currency known for its instant, feeless transactions and impressive scalability. Its block-lattice structure, DAG technology, and PoS consensus mechanism enable efficient and secure transactions
What is Nano? All You Need to Know About XNO

What is Nano?

Nano (XNO) is a digital currency known for its fast, feeless, and scalable transactions. It operates on a block-lattice structure and uses Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) technology with a Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism. Unlike traditional cryptocurrencies, Nano does not rely on mining and has no transaction fees. It achieves instant transactions by allowing each account holder to maintain their own blockchain, resulting in fast and costless transactions. Nano’s scalability allows it to handle a large number of transactions concurrently without congestion or high fees.

It is highly energy-efficient compared to other cryptocurrencies. Nano finds application in various use cases, including microtransactions, remittances, and merchant adoption. Its security is ensured through delegated Proof of Stake (dPoS) consensus, where account holders vote on representatives to validate transactions. Nano’s focus on instant, feeless transactions and scalability sets it apart in the cryptocurrency market, making it an attractive option for everyday transactions and potential widespread adoption.

History of Nano (XNO)

Nano, formerly known as RaiBlocks (XRB), was created by Colin LeMahieu and was first introduced in 2014. LeMahieu aimed to develop a digital currency that addressed the limitations of traditional cryptocurrencies, such as high fees and slow transaction times. After years of development and testing, RaiBlocks was officially launched in 2015.

In its early stages, RaiBlocks gained a small but dedicated community of users and developers who recognized its potential. The project received further attention and recognition in 2017 when it won the Bitcointalk community’s voting competition for “Best Coin.” This victory propelled RaiBlocks into the spotlight and led to a surge in interest and adoption.

In January 2018, RaiBlocks rebranded itself as Nano, aligning its name with its vision of providing a fast, lightweight, and efficient digital currency. The rebranding aimed to strengthen the project’s identity and increase its appeal to a broader audience.

Since then, Nano has made significant strides in its development and adoption. It has gained partnerships with various organizations and exchanges, increasing its availability and accessibility to users worldwide. Nano’s community remains active and passionate, contributing to improvements and promoting its unique features.

How does Nano work?

Nano operates on a unique block-lattice structure, a distributed ledger where each account has its own blockchain. Unlike traditional blockchain systems, each transaction has its own block, allowing for parallel processing and eliminating the need for network-wide transaction confirmations. This architecture enables Nano to achieve instant transactions as each transaction only needs to be confirmed by the account holder.

At the core of Nano’s technology is Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG), used to maintain the individual account chains. DAG allows for efficient and quick updates to the blockchain, facilitating fast transaction processing. Nano’s DAG technology, combined with its block-lattice structure, ensures scalability and high transaction throughput.

Nano utilizes a Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism. Instead of relying on mining, account holders vote for representatives who validate transactions on their behalf. This delegated Proof of Stake (dPoS) approach ensures the security and integrity of the network. Consensus is reached by a majority of votes from the representatives, making Nano highly efficient and energy-friendly compared to traditional Proof of Work (PoW) cryptocurrencies.

Instant Transactions

Nano’s instant transactions are a standout feature that differentiates it from many other cryptocurrencies. The unique block-lattice structure and DAG technology enable immediate transaction confirmations. Unlike traditional blockchain networks that require multiple confirmations from miners, Nano’s transactions are confirmed by the account holder. This eliminates the need for network-wide consensus and allows for instantaneous transfers.

When a Nano transaction occurs, it creates a new block on the recipient’s account chain, indicating the updated account balance. This information is propagated through the network, ensuring all participants have the latest transaction data. As a result, Nano users can experience near-instantaneous transaction finality, making it well-suited for applications where speed is crucial, such as point-of-sale transactions or real-time peer-to-peer transfers.

The ability to achieve instant transactions is made possible by Nano’s lightweight and efficient design, which minimizes processing time and network congestion. By removing the need for confirmations from third-party validators, Nano optimizes the transaction process, allowing users to enjoy the convenience of near-instantaneous transfers without compromising security or reliability.

Feeless Transactions

Nano’s feeless transactions are a key aspect of its design, making it an attractive digital currency for users. Unlike many other cryptocurrencies that impose transaction fees, Nano allows users to send and receive funds without incurring additional costs. This feeless nature is achieved by eliminating the need for intermediaries and transaction validators, making it an ideal solution for microtransactions and everyday transactions of any value.

The absence of transaction fees in Nano can have significant advantages for users. It promotes financial inclusivity by enabling individuals to send even the smallest amounts of Nano without worrying about losing a portion of their funds to fees. Feeless transactions also eliminate the complexity of calculating fees based on transaction size or value, simplifying the user experience and making Nano more accessible to people around the world.

The feeless model of Nano is made possible by its innovative block-lattice structure and consensus mechanism. Since Nano users confirm their own transactions, there is no need for a network-wide validation process that typically incurs fees. This approach allows Nano to offer a cost-effective solution for peer-to-peer transactions, e-commerce, and any scenario where low-cost or feeless transfers are desired.

Energy Efficiency

Nano’s energy efficiency is a notable advantage compared to many other cryptocurrencies, particularly those that rely on energy-intensive mining operations. Nano utilizes a delegated Proof of Stake (dPoS) consensus mechanism, eliminating the need for mining altogether. This means that the energy consumption associated with Nano transactions is significantly lower, making it a more sustainable and environmentally friendly digital currency.

By leveraging dPoS, Nano achieves consensus through a voting process where account holders select representatives to validate transactions. This approach requires significantly less computational power and energy than traditional Proof of Work (PoW) systems used by cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. As a result, Nano’s energy efficiency not only reduces the environmental impact but also enables faster transaction processing and contributes to the scalability of the network.

The reduced energy footprint of Nano aligns with the growing concern for environmental sustainability and the need for more eco-friendly alternatives in the cryptocurrency space. It positions Nano as a greener option for users who prioritize energy efficiency and seek digital currencies aligned with sustainable practices.

Cross-Border Transactions

Nano’s cross-border transaction capabilities make it an appealing option for individuals and businesses involved in international transfers. Nano’s instant and feeless transactions provide significant advantages over traditional payment methods, especially regarding cross-border transactions. By eliminating the need for intermediaries and transaction fees, Nano enables quick and cost-effective remittances, making it an efficient solution for sending money across borders.

With Nano, individuals can avoid the lengthy processing times and high fees typically associated with traditional banking systems or remittance services. The fast and feeless nature of Nano transactions ensures that the intended recipient receives the funds promptly and in their entirety, without unnecessary deductions or delays. This makes it particularly beneficial for situations that require timely money transfers, such as supporting family members abroad or conducting business with international partners.

Nano’s Main Features: Scalability, Eco-friendly and Microtransactions

Nano (XNO) offers instant transactions, feeless transfers, scalability, energy efficiency, security, and suitability for various use cases. It provides fast and efficient transactions, eliminates fees, scales effectively, consumes less energy, ensures network security, and finds application in microtransactions, cross-border transfers, and merchant adoption.


Nano’s scalability is a standout feature that addresses the limitations of traditional blockchain systems. It achieves scalability through its unique block-lattice structure and DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) technology. Unlike traditional blockchains where all transactions are added to a single chain, Nano utilizes a block-lattice structure where each account has its own blockchain. This allows for parallel processing of transactions, eliminating bottlenecks and congestion that often hinder scalability in other cryptocurrencies.

Using DAG technology, Nano ensures that transactions can be processed simultaneously, enhancing the network’s capacity to handle many transactions efficiently. The block-lattice structure and DAG enable Nano to scale horizontally, providing the potential for the network to handle a massive volume of transactions without sacrificing transaction speed or increasing transaction times.

Nano’s scalable nature allows widespread adoption and use in various industries. It can handle high transaction volumes, making it suitable for applications such as micropayments, remittances, and e-commerce, where fast and scalable transactions are essential. The ability to scale effectively positions Nano as a promising solution for real-world use cases and contributes to its potential as a mainstream digital currency.


Nano’s design makes it particularly well-suited for microtransactions, which involve transferring small amounts of value frequently. One of the key advantages of Nano for microtransactions is its feeless nature. Unlike many other cryptocurrencies that impose transaction fees, Nano allows users to send even the smallest amounts without incurring additional costs. This makes it ideal for applications such as in-game purchases, content monetization, tipping, and other scenarios where the value exchanged may be minimal.

Nano’s instant transaction feature is highly beneficial for microtransactions. With near-instantaneous transaction confirmations, users can experience immediate transfer of funds without having to wait for lengthy confirmation times. This ensures a seamless and frictionless experience for microtransactions, where speed and efficiency are crucial. Whether a micro-payment for a digital asset or a small donation, Nano’s feeless and instant transactions enable quick and hassle-free transfers of value.

Nano’s ability to facilitate microtransactions has significant implications for various industries and use cases. It enables new possibilities for content creators, game developers, publishers, and platforms to monetize their offerings frictionlessly, without the burden of transaction fees. It also promotes financial inclusion by making it feasible to transact even the smallest amounts, thereby empowering individuals in emerging economies and underserved communities to participate in digital economies with ease.

Merchant Adoption

Nano’s feeless and instant transactions make it an appealing choice for merchant adoption. Merchants benefit from Nano’s efficient payment solution that eliminates transaction fees typically associated with traditional payment methods or other cryptocurrencies. By accepting Nano as a form of payment, merchants can reduce their costs and provide a seamless purchasing experience for their customers.

The feeless nature of Nano transactions allows merchants to receive payments in their entirety, without any deductions for fees. This makes it particularly attractive for small businesses or those operating on thin profit margins, as they can avoid the impact of transaction fees on their revenue. Furthermore, Nano’s instant transactions provide merchants with immediate transaction finality, eliminating the risk of chargebacks and ensuring that funds are received promptly.

Merchant adoption of Nano also allows businesses to tap into a growing community of Nano users. By accepting Nano, merchants can attract tech-savvy customers who value the speed, efficiency, and low costs associated with digital currencies. Additionally, Nano’s scalability ensures that the network can handle a large number of transactions, allowing merchants to process payments smoothly, even during peak periods.


Nano stands out as an eco-friendly cryptocurrency due to its energy-efficient design. Unlike many other cryptocurrencies that rely on energy-intensive mining operations, Nano utilizes a delegated Proof of Stake (dPoS) consensus mechanism. This approach significantly reduces the energy consumption required for transaction validation and network maintenance. By eliminating the need for resource-intensive mining, Nano minimizes its carbon footprint and contributes to a more sustainable digital currency ecosystem.

The energy efficiency of Nano not only benefits the environment but also offers practical advantages. With lower energy consumption, Nano transactions can be processed more efficiently and at a higher speed, ensuring fast and seamless user experiences. Moreover, the reduced energy requirements enhance the scalability of the network, enabling it to handle a growing number of transactions without compromising performance or straining energy resources.

Nano’s eco-friendly nature aligns with the increasing global focus on sustainability and the need for more energy-efficient solutions in the cryptocurrency industry. By choosing Nano, users can participate in digital transactions while minimizing their environmental impact, supporting a greener and more sustainable future.

Nano Hub: Ecosystem

Nano Hub is an ecosystem that revolves around the Nano cryptocurrency (XNO). It offers a range of features and services to enhance the usability and adoption of Nano. Merchants can accept Nano (XNO) as a payment method both online and in physical stores. Secure wallets are provided for users to store their Nano (XNO) holdings. Nano Hub also provides merchant solutions, enabling businesses to integrate Nano (XNO) payments into their operations.

For trading purposes, Nano Hub supports the buying, selling, and trading Nano (XNO) on various exchanges. The gaming community can also leverage Nano (XNO), using it in-game on different platforms and earning it through gaming activities. Developers can access a suite of tools and resources to build applications and services using Nano (XNO). At the same time, faucets offer users a chance to experience Nano (XNO) by receiving a small amount for free.

Nano Hub also offers opportunities for users to earn more Nano (XNO) through various means, though specific details are not provided. Charities accepting Nano (XNO) donations are showcased, promoting its use in philanthropic endeavors. Nano Hub also encompasses other services and applications that leverage Nano (XNO) for different purposes.

What is the XNO Token?

The XNO token represents the native currency of the Nano network. It is the digital asset that powers the Nano ecosystem and facilitates transactions within the network. XNO serves as a medium of exchange, allowing users to send and receive funds quickly and efficiently. As a decentralized cryptocurrency, XNO operates on the Nano blockchain, designed to provide feeless and instant transactions.

XNO tokens are generated through a process called “block creation,” where participants on the network, known as representatives, validate and confirm transactions. Account holders select these representatives based on their voting weight. The token supply of XNO is predetermined, with a maximum total supply of 133,248,297 XNO.

Is Nano (XNO) a Good Investment?

Nano stands out for its feeless and instant transaction capabilities, which provide significant advantages over traditional cryptocurrencies. This innovative approach addresses key pain points such as high fees and slow transaction times, making Nano a promising contender in the digital currency landscape.

Nano’s scalability, energy efficiency, and security features enhance its appeal. Its block-lattice structure and DAG technology allow for parallel processing and efficient handling of transactions, paving the way for scalability without compromising transaction speed. The energy-efficient design, powered by the delegated Proof of Stake consensus mechanism, contributes to sustainability and aligns with the increasing global focus on eco-friendly solutions. Moreover, Nano’s security measures, including the decentralized nature of the network, enhance trust and protect against potential attacks.

Considering these factors, Nano brings noteworthy advancements to the blockchain space and addresses significant pain points of traditional cryptocurrencies. While investing in any digital currency carries inherent risks and requires careful consideration, Nano’s innovative features position it as a project with the potential for long-term growth and adoption.

How to own XNO?

One way to own XNO is to go through a centralized crypto exchange. The first step is to create a Gate.io account and complete the KYC process. Once you have added funds to your account, check out the steps to buy XNO on the spot or derivatives market.

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