What is MARBLEX?

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MARBLEX is a gaming ecosystem developed by Netmarble in 2022. The native currency of the ecosystem is the MBX token which can be earned as a reward.
What is MARBLEX?

The play-to-earn (P2E) gaming niche and the decentralized finance (DeFI) space have been much talked about in the crypto sphere because of the alternative investment options they offer users. However, in most cases, they do not overlap and tend to remain separate entities in the crypto space. This implies that crypto platforms mostly offer one of the two and never both of them at the same time. MARBLEX unifies both concepts and provides an ecosystem where users can explore gaming, DeFi, and NFT. By unifying various popular concepts into a single ecosystem, MARBLEX aims to provide users with a seamless experience incorporating cryptocurrencies, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and gaming. The platform offers a high-quality and user-friendly interface. MARBLEX seeks to distinguish itself from other play-to-earn games and gamified cryptocurrencies. In this article, we will discuss the features of MARBLEX, what makes it unique, and why it is a good investment.

What is MARBLEX?

MARBLEX is a blockchain gaming ecosystem built on the Istanbul Consensus Algorithm that enables users to play games while earning and trading cryptocurrency. The ecosystem links Netmarble games with blockchain concepts and includes features such as NFTs, stake tokens, and the ability to exchange cryptocurrencies.

The project aims to explore new applications for blockchain technology and unify several popular concepts into one ecosystem, making it convenient for users to access multiple services in one place. MarbleX uses the Klaytn blockchain and has a complex blend of various mechanisms that help keep the ecosystem running smoothly.

History of MARBLEX

MARBLEX’s gaming ecosystem was developed by Netmarble, a gaming company founded by Bang Jun-hyuk in 2000. Netmarble is renowned for creating mobile games for Disney and managing a metaverse enterprise that oversees virtual K-pop idols. In collaboration with Klaytn’s open-source, public blockchain, MARBLEX was introduced in 2022 as a subsidiary of Netmarble. MARBLEX was established with the aim of finding innovative methods to deliver thrilling games to enthusiastic gamers.

How does MARBLEX Work?

MARBLEX’s gaming ecosystem runs on the Klaytn blockchain and utilizes both app-based and web-based systems to provide a seamless experience to its users. The ecosystem operates through complex mechanisms that work together to ensure its smooth functioning.

MARBLEX Playground

The PlayGround feature is the ecosystem’s most popular feature, providing players with a broad range of games. MARBLEX PlayGround offers a diverse range of games to players. Users can explore PlayGround to discover and install different games on their devices. By using the same, players can link their MBX to multiple games within PlayGround.

Game Tokens

Each game within the ecosystem has its unique set of tokens, which can be converted to MBX at a specified conversion rate. Netmarble uses different tokens for each game to increase diversity and enable publishers to create token reward systems that align with their game design and guidelines. The use of separate tokens for each game also prevents dominant games from manipulating MBX prices entirely. Tokens within the ecosystem are the MBXL and Klaytn tokens, which can be converted to MBX.


MARBLEX is not just limited to its PlayGround feature but also offers various DeFi features through its blockchain game company, Netmarble.*

MBX Marketplace

The MBX Marketplace allows users to trade MARBLEX products, including NFTs that can boost performance in games. This makes the MBX Marketplace the ideal spot to trade all products issued on the ecosystem. The MARBLEX Marketplace is popular among investors and gamers who use it to invest in NFTs and boost game performances, respectively.

MBX Swap

The MBX Swap interface allows users to exchange in-game tokens with real-world cryptocurrencies via the MBX Swap and vice versa. Users can transfer in-game items into real-world crypto via the MBX swap. Users can earn interest on their savings without locking their assets via the tokens within the swap liquidity pool.

MARBLEX Membership

The MARBLEX Membership program offers special features to members, including mining MBX and accessing unique game coupons.

MBX Staking

The system also offers staking services for both MBX tokens and NFTs, with rewards for staking for a set amount of time. MBXL staking allows users to stake up to 50,000 MBXL tokens, while game token staking is done through a Season system that includes a nine-day pre-staking period and an eight-week staking period.

MBX Game

  • Alive X Earn
  • Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds

MBX Wallet

One of these features is the MBX Wallet, which provides a secure place for players to store their tokens. By linking the MBX Wallet to their gaming account, players can convert game tokens to real-world crypto and transfer funds between different MARBLEX services.

MBX Explorer

The MBX Explorer offers transparency within the system by allowing users to view all transactions, NFTs, tokens, and blocks in one place. It also enables users to browse recent items and make a search based on specific addresses and block numbers.

MARBLEX Launchpad

Another feature is the MARBLEX Launchpad, which offers initial NFT offerings and integrates events with blockchain games. Users can complete missions to win new NFTs potentially.

What is the MBX Token?

The MBX token is the native currency of the MARBLEX ecosystem, and it is a Klaytn Compatible Token. MBX is a utility token that serves as the primary means of transaction and reward in the MARBLEX ecosystem, which includes game publishers, developers, and users. Thanks to KCT’s strengths, MBX can quickly process the high volume of game content transactions and provide users with reliable and transparent operation and management.

The MBX token is a vital component within the MARBLEX ecosystem. The ecosystem enables users to engage with key ecosystem creators centered mainly around game tokens and MBX tokens.

The MARBLEX ecosystem also incorporates other tokens. MBXL, the bridge token, is the only token required to earn a reward from MBXL staking. MBXL has a value of 1:1 to MBX.

MBX Tokenomics

MBX has a market cap of $118 million, a fully diluted valuation of $2.3 billion, and a total supply of 999.9 million tokens. Currently, MBX has a total supply of 1 billion tokens. The following is the distribution scheme of all tokens.

  • 75% of the tokens are reserved for the ecosystem and community.
  • 10% is reserved for the token sale, 10% for the team, and 5% for marketing.
  • Within the 75% reserved for the ecosystem and community, 50% is allocated to the community fund, 40% to the ecosystem fund, and 10% to others.
  • After implementing the token-burning mechanism to limit the number of MBX in circulation, MBX has a total supply of 999.9 million tokens and a circulating supply of 51 million.


MARBLEX recently announced the launch of its Meta World My City, and $500,000 worth of crystals were used for real estate draws on the first day. In the news published on its official Twitter handle on Medium page, they were excited to announce that all real estate draws were sold out on the first day due to the staggering number of players that joined. It recorded the highest competition ratio of 19:1, eventually reaching a total of 15,690,00 crystals, amounting to $500,000.

Is MARBLEX a Good Investment?

Marblex is a cryptocurrency created to offer investors easy access to a wide range of financial products and services. It is designed to be used as a medium of exchange, a store of value, and a means of payment, among other uses. The project seeks to bridge the gap between gaming and DeFi. Unlike other gaming blockchain projects, MARBLEX is backed by experienced developers who publish complete games with complex gameplay.

This combination of fun blockchain games and a user-friendly DeFi interface sets MARBLEX apart from other blockchain game projects, ensuring its future success. Additionally, MBX, the native token of MARBLEX, appears to be a promising cryptocurrency investment. As a cryptocurrency developed by a well-known gaming company with plans to launch major blockchain games, MBX is essential to all PlayGround games, which has helped it maintain its value since its launch.

While the strong reputation of the publishers and positive market outlook make MBX an intriguing investment, it is important to remember that the project is still relatively new, having been around for only a year. As with any emerging crypto investment, caution is advised to avoid losses.

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