What is Dookey Dash?

BeginnerJun 29, 2023
Crafted by Yuga Labs, Dookey Dash is a narrative-driven game that revolves around the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) ecosystem. The game's prologue was released in two phases earlier. In November 2022, the BAYC official Twitter account teased the enigmatic game, incorporating the animated story's worldview and adventurous gameplay from its previous releases. This creation also integrates the BAYC NFTs and the ecosystem's native token, APE. Upon its initial launch, the project garnered widespread attention from numerous players.
What is Dookey Dash?

Time dialing back, the enigmatic curtain of Dookey Dash gradually unfolded with the unveiling of a seemingly cryptic poster from BAYC’s official Twitter account. In merely a few months since then, Dookey Dash has stirred significant ripples in the NFT market, ushering in a renewed wave of attention for the previously subdued GameFi landscape.

The Origin of Dookey Dash

Dookey Dash is a narrative-driven game developed by Yuga Labs around the BAYC ecosystem, preceded by the release of the game’s prequel story in two phases.

In late November 2022, BAYC’s official channels unveiled a mysterious teaser related to the game, specifically, the enigmatic poster image mentioned earlier. This game embraces the worldview and adventure mechanics introduced in the ecosystem’s earlier animated story, incorporating BAYC NFTs and the APE ecosystem token. The project immediately garnered significant attention from players upon launch.

Dookey Dash’s storyline is intriguing and bizarre. The promotional video showcases a Bored ape named Jimmy, who accidentally triggers a time-travel switch in a restroom. This event summons an ancient Bored ape who hands a treasure chest and key to another Bored ape entering the scene. As the apes celebrate, Jimmy unwittingly swallows the key, and chaos ensues.

With the chest’s key accidentally consumed by Jimmy, the party abruptly ends, and the other Bored apes cast malicious glances at him, some even brandishing knives. Realizing the gravity of the situation, Jimmy frantically retreats to the restroom to attempt to expel the key, but it becomes lodged in his abdomen, causing him to lose consciousness from the pain.

Witnessing this scene through the keyhole, the Bored apes outside, unable to break down the door, ultimately resort to entering the restroom via the sewer system and retrieving the key from Jimmy’s Butthole.

Looking beyond the content and gameplay of Dookey Dash, the game represents a further expansion of the BAYC ecosystem, as Yuga’s ecosystem NFT prices had experienced a prolonged stagnation. During this period, after several liquidation waves of panic on BendDAO, the ecosystem NFTs finally embarked on a new uptrend.

However, discerning individuals might notice that Dookey Dash’s game aligns with Yuga’s early leaked roadmap. At that time, the plot for this stage of the game had already been explicitly outlined: mecha-apes battling mecha-dogs.

(Image from cryptoticker.io)

Despite the lack of information, widespread speculation arose within the ecosystem’s community. Projects within the BAYC ecosystem gained significant traction as a result of FOMO. MutantHounds rode the wave of excitement, with floor prices soaring from 0.25 ETH to 2 ETH. The floor price of AppliedPrimate, which includes key elements, increased from 0.1 ETH to 1 ETH.

By now, it is well-known that Yuga will grant BAYC and MAYC holders complimentary game access, with applications via BAKC, or Sewer Pass, also accepted.

Many ecosystem users acquired copious amounts of BAKC (the most affordable PFP in Yuga Labs’ portfolio, with a floor price of around 4 ETH at the time) before the game opened, knowing very well that the event would bring a good gain in BAKC.

Ultimately, Dookey Dash unveiled its gameplay mechanics and reward system on December 28, 2022. The four distinct Sewer Pass tiers correspond to different game score multipliers, with varying acquisition conditions based on the possession of diverse crypto assets within the ecosystem.

TIER1: MAYC holder


TIER3: BAYC holder


Notably, BAKC holders cannot participate in free minting (news that precipitated a drastic drop in BAKC price, falling to around 8 ETH after an increase), but owning the NFT elevates the Pass minting tier.

The BAYC ecosystem token, APE, plays a crucial role, allowing players to purchase a speed boost for two APE tokens, granting a 10-minute acceleration.

Furthermore, players’ in-game scores depend on collected items, destroying obstacles, and survival time within the sewer. An instant leaderboard displays achievements, with the highest score on February 8th serving as the record. The top scorer will receive a key to unlocking a treasure chest.

The game officially opens on January 18, 2023, with a three-week playing window before leaderboard scores freeze on February 8. The highest-scoring player receives the golden key upon completing the score review on February 15.

Sewer Pass minting takes place from January 11th to 18th, with a total of 30,000 passes. After the highest-scoring player claims the key on February 15th, eligible Sewer Passes (with game scores above 0) convert to new NFTs, with official details anticipated on March 15th.

In summary, this chronicles the course of Dookey Dash’s release. The game has since closed, with final score review results announced.

Yuga Labs’ strategy for Dookey Dash was measured, avoiding inflated expectations and gradually releasing information. The specific impact of Sewer Passes within the game will also be progressively disclosed as the process unfolds.

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The handsome teaser image seems to foreshadow the direction that Dookey Dash’s subsequent NFT form will eventually land in the sci-fi mech direction.

(picture from twitter.com)

BAYC Ecological Review

Reflecting on the BAYC ecosystem itself, the release of Dookey Dash represents an expansion of its boundaries. Although a BAYC game was mentioned in early roadmaps, the time frame from BAYC’s initial launch in 2021 until now has far exceeded that of most NFT projects, which is also a testament to its enduring vitality.

Yuga Labs, to which BAYC belongs, was founded in February 2021 and has since launched several representative NFT projects – BAYC, BAKC, and MAYC. In March 2022, Yuga Labs even acquired the IP of CryptoPunks and Meebits, solidifying its position as an NFT titan.

At present, the BAYC ecosystem has integrated luxury brands (Gucci, Tiffany & Co.), sports brands (Adidas, Li-Ning), top celebrities (Snoop Dogg, Eminem, etc.), nine renowned industry research institutions, five artist management companies, and has issued BAYC-based trendy merchandise, food, movies, and metaverse games.

The BAYC ecosystem spans 15 diverse domains, with the community sector attracting the widest audience and highest engagement. To date, 25 communities have joined the BAYC Community, all initiated by BAYC holders and established based on the BAYC ecosystem in conjunction with regional, industry, and interest characteristics, such as French Ape, LATAM Apes, Bend Apes, and the BAYC community organization - Game Ape DAO.

Should Dookey Dash develop into a long-term online game, the likelihood of its inclusion in Game Ape would significantly increase.

(Image from gameapefantasyclub.com)

Of course, the scope of BAYC ecology is far more than these. You can go to the official website to view the details.

Dookey Dash Gameplay

As Dookey Dash is a game centered around the BAYC ecosystem NFTs, players can capitalize on the opportunity to attain NFTs of varying rarity within the game.

The promotional material provides a glimpse into the gameplay, resembling a linear obstacle course. The objective is to overcome myriad challenges while collecting in-game items, persisting long enough to ultimately acquire the key near the Butthole within the sewer system.

Upon the game’s official release, most players found it rather intuitive to navigate their characters, adeptly evading obstacles to persist for extended durations, drawing parallels to various parkour-style games.

(Image from uckytrader.com)

The aforementioned four distinct levels of Sewer Passes also impact scoring, with the top player on the leaderboard ultimately receiving a mysterious treasure chest key. The contents of the chest remain undisclosed by the officials at this time.

(Image from mdvmm.xyz)

During the game’s open period, to prevent cheating, Yuga Labs required that each Sewer Pass’s score be linked to a verified address of a participant who had genuinely played the game. If a Sewer Pass were transferred between January 18 and February 8, the score associated with that pass would be reset.

This measure sparked dissatisfaction among many users and ignited controversy within the community. However, it did ensure the competitive fairness of the Dookey Dash game. The fact that the ultimate winner was a professional esports player further demonstrated Dookey Dash’s commitment to game fairness.

Market Performance of Dookey Dash

From the promotional video’s release, the game’s launch, and the determination of the ownership of the coveted key, BAYC has woven a continuous narrative, captivating the market’s attention. Amidst the current lull in the NFT market, the launch of BAYC’s Dookey Dash ecosystem has created ripples in the tranquil waters, analogous to casting a large stone and effectively revitalizing its ecosystem.

Ultimately, after a score review on February 15th, esports player Mongraal triumphed over 25,000 other contestants to secure the coveted key. Shortly thereafter, Mongraal sold the “Golden Key” for 1,000 WETH, with 5% of the royalties, or 50 WETH, going to BAYC.

(Image from chainwitcher.com)

Furthermore, during the game’s open period, 8,094 players collectively spent 424,566 APE tokens on “Boost Packs,” extending the use cases for the BAYC ecosystem’s APE token and prompting a short-term increase in its price. Additionally, the floor price of BAKC series NFTs recently surpassed 11 ETH, reaching a nine-month high. Introducing a new game generated significant excitement for BAYC’s flagship NFT series.

As for the Sewer Passes, which served as entry tickets, they entered the NFT trading market after the game’s conclusion, with prices soaring to as high as 2.89 ETH and a market capitalization surpassing $100 million in a short period. Many high-ranking Sewer Passes are now being sold at premium prices, such as Mongraal’s second-ranked pass, listed for sale at 260 ETH.

By creating a simple web-based game, BAYC stimulated the flourishing of various market assets within its ecosystem. Simultaneously, the 25,000 participants in the game contributed to a remarkable 40% growth in BAYC’s ecosystem, showcasing an astonishing operational success story.

BAYC Ecosystem Empowerment

Focusing on the market trends of the past year, NFTs experienced a brief period of prosperity after a massive boom, only to enter a state of bubble collapse. Countless NFTs have returned to zero value, with only a handful of blue-chip projects such as BAYC and Azuki remaining active in the market, albeit suffering significant declines from their peak prices. According to relevant data reports, the total market capitalization of the NFT market has plummeted from its peak of $34.92 billion to $22.95 billion, a staggering 34.3% decline.

In such a sweeping market trend, the BAYC ecosystem has also been significantly impacted. Although Yuga Labs’ commercial landscape continues to expand, the NFT domain represented by the BAYC ecosystem gradually erodes the influence of its IP, as well as the enthusiasm of long-term holders within the ecosystem, during the lengthy process of expanding its derivatives market.

At this juncture, the release of Dookey Dash has indeed brought tangible benefits to the BAYC ecosystem. It not only serves as a practical implementation of the early roadmap but also provides a precise exploration of NFT application scenarios within the ecosystem.

The NFT market now requires an infusion of fresh gameplay and hotspots, and Dookey Dash arrives just in time. By introducing a simple game, complemented by dramatic and story-driven operation strategies, Dookey Dash injects new vitality into the BAYC ecosystem and reignites its long-dormant state.

The narrative landscape of Game Ape is gradually materializing, and the empowering effects that Dookey Dash brings to the BAYC ecosystem will be revealed step by step. After all, the game’s release cycle is indicated on the official website to last until May of this year, and its subsequent performance is eagerly anticipated.


Amid a modest resurgence in the NFT market, Yuga Labs has astutely capitalized on the opportune moment by introducing the BAYC ecosystem game. Ingeniously incorporating all NFT series within the ecosystem, the game considers three NFT series and the APE token collectively.

This showcases Yuga Labs’ impressive operational and strategic capabilities. As they attempt to activate the BAYC ecosystem with GamFi implementations, it may hasten other blue-chip NFT projects to follow suit.

As for whether the Yuga series NFT-linked GameFi will emerge as an industry hotspot once more, certainty remains elusive. However, given Dookey Dash’s dynamic marketing approach, ecosystem NFT empowerment, and incentive for APE ownership, one may anticipate Yuga Labs to develop a more comprehensive narrative in the future, propelling the next wave of GameFi and NFT enthusiasm.

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