Turbos Finance: Technology First, Ensuring DeFi Goes on Sui

IntermediateMay 27, 2024
Turbos recently launched two innovative liquidity strategies in the Sui DEX, hoping to provide new opportunities for market participants. These include the innovative SUI-USDC automated rebalance vault and SUI-USDC DCA strategy based on the CLMM DEX, operating in a decentralized manner to provide users with real-time and accurate token pricing. Turbos also introduced an innovative intelligent routing mechanism designed for the Sui-Move language, a first for the Sui DEX ecosystem, enabling more efficient swap levels.
Turbos Finance: Technology First, Ensuring DeFi Goes on Sui

The hope of summer awakens with heatwaves, and Turbos accelerates Sui’s growth era into reality.

With the assistance of Turbos, the efficiency and low latency of Sui will interact marvellously with DeFi.

In a recent report by Messari, the TVL data of DeFi on the Sui network surged to $787 million, with the protagonist being Turbos Finance, and the new chapter in liquidity management they’ve created— the SUI-USDC automated rebalance vault.

During the explosion period of public chains, their ecosystems often offer more opportunities for participation, whether in trading or providing liquidity as LPs, there’s a chance to share the unique benefits of early adopters. And this time, it’s Turbos’ turn.

Turbos in Sui, an Established Ecology, Comes in Strong

Currently, Sui’s DEX daily trading volume has reached $78 million, with Turbos, an OG of the Sui ecosystem, already in pole position.

Founded in 2022, Turbos is supported by Mysten Labs and received strong support from Jump and the Sui Foundation in 2023, with founder Ted Shao having years of experience in the crypto industry.

As blockchain technology continues to evolve, Sui, as an efficient, modular, and user-friendly blockchain platform, is increasingly favored by users worldwide. However, asset allocation and management in this ecosystem still have a long way to go. Today, Turbos quietly appears, carrying its revolutionary features, opening a new chapter for asset and liquidity management on Sui.

Turbos chooses Sui to build a liquidity layer that can provide automatic market makers (AMMs) with centralized liquidity market maker (CLMM) model and derivatives trading functions, allowing LPs to continuously participate in the market with constant liquidity levels and adjust prices automatically through algorithms.

Among many blockchains, only Sui can meet such high-performance demands. Turbos’ total trading volume has surpassed $1 billion, with a single-day trading volume of $30 million on March 20, and maintaining strong growth momentum in recent trading volumes.

Keeping evolving with technical strength at the forefront

Users often lack awareness of technology, and Turbos is committed to democratizing technology and giving it the opportunity to benefit more Web3 natives. Turbos can automatically help users participate in revenue sharing.

Turbos is leading liquidity innovation in the Sui ecosystem. Amid the rapid development of various DeFi projects within the Sui ecosystem, Turbos recently focused on launching two innovative liquidity strategies in the Sui DEX, aiming to provide new opportunities for market participants. These are the SUI-USDC automated rebalance vault and the SUI-USDC DCA strategy, both based on the innovative CLMM DEX.

First, let’s talk about Concentrated Liquidity Market Making (CLMM), which aims to optimize liquidity provision strategies in an innovative way. Unlike traditional liquidity models, CLMM operates in a decentralized manner and doesn’t rely on external prices. It provides users with real-time and accurate token pricing, which is crucial for spot and derivative trading.

Looking at Turbos’ past development, the CLMM model combined with new strategies enables Turbos to provide leveraged concentrated liquidity on Sui. Specifically:

  • Automated rebalance vaults are a liquidity management tool that automatically adjusts the proportion of assets in a liquidity pool through smart contracts to maintain a preset liquidity range and optimize transaction fee returns. This mechanism helps reduce the risk of impermanent losses faced by liquidity providers and improves capital efficiency.
  • DCA strategy: SUI-USDC DCA strategy reduces the impact of price fluctuations.

The DCA strategy opens up new avenues for systematic investment, while the automated rebalance vault mechanism not only heralds a new era for Sui DeFi but also envisages a new chapter for liquidity management across DeFi as a whole.

In essence, the SUI-USDC DCA strategy expected to be launched by Turbos simplifies the formation process of liquidity providers through automatic compounding fees and rewards, allowing users to automatically pair single-token deposits, attracting users. DCA not only aims to increase TVL and trading volume but also reduces the impact of price fluctuations through the DCA LP feature. This model not only enhances asset management efficiency but also strengthens security.

Turbos’ strategies greatly optimize the user experience through automation. Users no longer need to intervene manually frequently. The automated rebalance vault and the automated rewards compounding allow users to focus more on investment strategies themselves rather than daily management tasks. Moreover, the simplification of withdrawal and claiming processes also brings users higher flexibility and convenience.

These two strategies from Turbos bring innovation to the Sui ecosystem and offer a new perspective on the entire DeFi sector. By improving capital efficiency, reducing risks, and optimizing user experience, Turbos is leading a revolution in liquidity management and investment strategies. With the launch of these strategies, the market expects Turbos to continue driving DeFi development and providing users with richer and more efficient investment tools.

Turbos’ technological innovation is the underlying force driving its continuous growth on Sui, and in terms of ecosystem development, Turbos has established a close partnership with Sui.

Automated rebalance vaults: a new chapter in liquidity management

Recently, Turbos launched an automated rebalance vault strategy. Users can not only choose the desired liquidity range and provide SUI and USDC tokens, but also participate in this trading model in a more controllable mode.

In less than 24 hours after going online, the vault has accumulated 368K TVL and more than $1,000 in fees and incentives.

Simply put, Turbos pairs these tokens to form corresponding vaults’ NFTs, representing users’ shares in the vaults. This not only ensures the balanced contribution calculation of users in the liquidity pool but also allows users to experience higher capital efficiency through the preset SUI and USDC ratios.

In the design of automated rebalance, Turbos has independently designed and finely crafted the entire process from liquidity management to market making and trading. This is distinctly different from similar products on the market, with several key features:

Ingenious personalized position and range management

Unlike the uniform management approach of other platforms, Turbos allows Sui users to personalize their position and range management. On the Turbos platform, each user can precisely position their assets according to their strategy, whether choosing a stable central area or pursuing higher returns at the aggressive edge, all controlled autonomously by the user. This personalized service undoubtedly provides users with unprecedented freedom in asset management.

High-frequency automated position adjustment

Turbos platform supports users to automatically adjust asset positions at high frequencies through SUI’s unique fee rate design mechanism. This means that in market fluctuations, Turbos can respond in real-time, automatically adjusting asset positions to maintain the ideal asset allocation and conduct effective risk management. Thus, users can maintain the flexibility and efficiency of asset management in turbulent markets, making it flexible and enabling talented traders to achieve higher returns.

Turbos provides users with a system that operates automatically once set. Users only need to deposit single tokens or token pairs, and Turbos takes care of the rest. This user-friendly design makes earning profits effortless, without the need for frequent user intervention.

The protocol features of Turbos include automated balance, ensuring continuous optimization even if LP (liquidity provider) asset positions fall out of the active range. In addition, its automated compounding feature allows users to easily collect rewards and experience wealth accumulation and growth through the power of compounding.

Redefining asset management on SUI, Turbos not only represents a technological breakthrough but also embodies a new philosophy of asset management—convenient, efficient, and maximizing benefits. On the SUI chain, users seek not only maximized returns but also convenience in management and freedom in time.

By continuously adjusting the fund ratio of SUI-USDC trading pairs, the vault can maintain balance within the target liquidity range. This not only helps maximize trading fee revenue but also effectively reduces the risk of impermanent loss. Additionally, users can passively accumulate rewards, including transaction fees and other incentives, by holding vault NFTs, enabling users to earn profits through multiple channels.

As a brand-new “canvas”, SUI welcomes the addition of various innovative applications in an open and inclusive manner. Turbos, like the colorful paint, adds a brilliant touch to this canvas. Whether you’re a seasoned asset manager or a newcomer to the field, Turbos can provide the most intimate and efficient services, making every investment full of infinite possibilities.

Conclusion: Turbos Accelerates Development, Real Returns Reign Supreme

Talk is cheap. Show me your APY.

In this year’s public chain competition, the Move-based public chains have stood firm, Solana has experienced downtime, TON has high entry barriers, and Sui has quietly cultivated for several years, finally reaching the moment of display itself. At this critical moment, Turbos keenly recognizes that APY is the real magic weapon to attract users.

Turbos has also introduced an innovative intelligent routing mechanism designed for the Sui-Move language, a first for the Sui DEX ecosystem, which is a significant breakthrough for this emerging ecosystem and can achieve more efficient swap levels.

Turbos hopes to demonstrate to more users the level of DeFi returns on Sui. Taking the SUI/USDC pool as an example, the current APY is as high as 672%, based on the CLMM automatic rebalancing strategy, which actively manages your SUI-USDC pair position, continuously adjusts liquidity ranges to optimize market trends. It automatically adjusts liquidity for users within favorable price ranges and automatically accumulates accrued fees and rewards in a single vault, ultimately achieving yields far beyond existing DeFi products.

Turbos has always believed that the development of the ecosystem should ultimately benefit the users. Therefore, Turbos provides SUI token incentives for liquidity providers to mainstream trading pairs such as SUI-USDC, TURBOS-SUI, USDC-USDT, and haSUI-SUI, providing users with generous incentives.

As the most active ecosystem in the current Move-based ecosystem, Sui, with the help of technological innovation and long-term incentives, the veteran DeFi Turbos will also walk hand in hand with the ecosystem in this wave of Sui, making Sui a leader in the DeFi field.


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