Swan Chain: DePIN Built for AI

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In the wave of the digital age, AI (artificial intelligence) has become an important engine leading technological innovation. However, with the continuous evolution and popularization of AI technology, the demand for high-performance computing resources, large-scale storage space, and privacy computing capabilities is increasing. Faced with these new challenges, after 3 years of research and development, Swan Chain, a blockchain development team from Canada, is designed as a new AI DePIN solution. It uses OP Stack’s Ethereum 2-layer technology to reduce GPU computing costs by 70%. It also provides a series of AI+Web3 tools, which greatly lowers the threshold for developers and users.
Swan Chain: DePIN Built for AI

Forward the Original Title‘了解 Swan Chain:为 AI 而生的 DePIN’

1. What is DePIN / AI DePIN

1.1 DePIN

DePIN, short for “Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network,” is a blockchain protocol designed to build, maintain, and operate physical hardware infrastructure in an open and decentralized manner. As a broad concept, DePIN encompasses infrastructure such as data storage, wireless connectivity, computing, energy, and data collection. Through technologies like smart contracts and the Internet of Things (IoT), DePIN enables autonomous and real-time interactions within physical infrastructure, thereby enhancing the system’s responsiveness to human needs.

The DePIN project can be interconnected, integrated, and interoperable, forming a diverse ecosystem that benefits both users and communities. For example, Swan utilizes the IPFS storage network to backup important AI datasets and computational tasks to the Filecoin network. Swan’s numerous computing nodes can provide ZK outsourcing computing tasks for Aleo, Filecoin, and other ZK computation public chains, as well as collaborate with Pocket Network to provide RPC services, and so on.

1.2 AI DePIN

AI DePIN refers to the DePIN network specifically built for artificial intelligence computing needs. It is committed to integrating computing, storage, network and energy resources worldwide to provide efficient, reliable and economical underlying infrastructure support for the training, inference and deployment of AI models. Compared with the services provided by traditional centralized cloud service providers for AI, AI DePIN overcomes pain points such as high cost, low efficiency and data privacy.

As a leader in the AI ​​DePIN track, the Swan team has relied on its eight years of exploration in the fields of cloud computing and AI to provide solutions for global users with efficient and secure AI computing resources and supporting tools.

2. Swan Chain: The first EVM-Compatible AI Computing Chain

As the first EVM-compatible AI computing chain, Swan Chain is more focused on meeting the special requirements for computing, storage, and data privacy in the AI ​​field, providing one-stop comprehensive solutions for AI developers.

Founded in 2021, Swan Chain is a DePIN Ethereum layer 2 network that accelerates AI applications. Swan Chain leverages OP Stack’s Ethereum Layer 2 expansion solution to take the lead in combining AI with Web3 by providing comprehensive solutions such as cross-chain storage, computing resources, bandwidth resources, and payment methods to ensure the scalability and security of decentralized computing. By leveraging underutilized computing resources in the community’s data center network, Swan Chain’s network integration significantly reduces computing resource costs by up to 70% and enables the monetization of idle computing resources.

Swan Chain has built three major resource trading markets for decentralized storage, AI suppliers and ZK suppliers. On this basis, it provides services such as multi-chain IPFS storage (Multichain.Storage), AI model sharing platform (Lagrangedao.org) to lower the threshold for users to use decentralized AI network resources, further enhancing the interoperability of the ecosystem, and making it easier and more economical.

Currently, Swan Chain has reached strategic cooperation with industry giants such as Filecoin, IPFS, Chainlink, Optimism, Microsoft Azure, and Google. Through close collaboration with other outstanding projects, Swan Chain is building a fully functional and highly scalable AI computing infrastructure ecosystem.

As the fourth phase of Binance’s incubation project, Swan Chain has received investment from leading institutions such as Binance Labs, Protocol Labs, Chainlink Labs, Outlier Ventures, and SNZ.

3. Swan Chain’s Core Product Matrix

As a decentralized infrastructure specially built for AI, Swan Chain provides a series of diversified services designed to meet users’ needs for computing, storage and privacy protection, and improves the network’s efficiency and sustainability through innovative technologies and mechanisms.

3.1 Distributed AI Computing Power Market

Swan Chain provide users with powerful AI computing resources, including CPU, GPU, storage, bandwidth, memory, etc. Its core component, Swan Orchestrator, can efficiently coordinate and manage globally distributed computing resources, dynamically allocate optimal resources for each AI task through an intelligent scheduling system, and use encryption and sharding technologies to ensure the security and privacy of data and model codes.

Currently, Swan Orchestrator’s test network owns 70 computing nodes and has spread over 24 cities in 14 countries around the world, including the United States, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, China, Japan, South Korea, the Netherlands, Singapore, Ukraine, Vietnam, etc. This powerful distributed computing network provides a solid foundation for efficient processing of AI computing tasks. You can visit https://orchestrator.swanchain.io/provider-status to check the latest status of this computing network in real time.

3.2 Decentralized storage market

Swan Chain is deeply integrated with multiple decentralized storage networks such as IPFS and Filecoin to provide users with cost-effective long-term data storage services. Users can securely access and manage data stored on these networks anytime and anywhere, ensuring data availability and permanence. Swan Chain’s 200+ decentralized storage nodes worldwide provide a strong guarantee for the security and stability of user data, offer up to 99.9999% data availability. The Swan storage marketplace has completed over 1 million data transactions and 50+PB of data transfers since its inception.

3.3 ZKP (Zero-knowledge proofs) Computing Resource Market

Swan Chain introduces the innovative ZK outsourcing computing market and provides ZK outsourcing computing services for global blockchain ecosystems such as Filecoin and Aleo. As a computing node of Swan, you can also obtain Swan ecological minimum basic income (Swan UBI) while providing ZK outsourcing services. In the 2 months since the ZK market was launched, more than 50K ZK computing tasks have been completed.

Currently, Swan supports zero-knowledge tasks for Filecoin commit2 (C2). You can check “Swan ZK-UBI: Integrating Filecoin ZK-SNARK proofs to build a decentralized ZKPs computing market” to learn more about ZK-UBI.

3.4 EVM Compatible Layer2 Solution

Swan Chain uses OP Superchain technology as an Ethereum L2 AI computing chain to provide a high-throughput, low-cost scalable operating environment. Users can directly “migrate” EVM dApps such as DeFi and GamFi to run on Swan Chain. While fully compatible with the Ethereum network ecosystem, they can also gain advantages such as greater transaction bandwidth and lower gas fees. Since its launch two months ago, Saturn testnet has completed more than 100 million transactions and made up to 5 million daily exchanges.

4. Ecological Infrastructure and Services

Swan Chain not only provides powerful computing resources and storage services, but also innovates in basic models and platforms, providing AI users and developers with wider support and choices.

4.1 Lagrange DAO: Web3 Version of Hugging Face

LagrangeDAO is a decentralized AI computing platform built on Swan Chain, which can be regarded as the Web3 version of Hugging Face. Lagrange provides a series of web3+AI development kits, such as IPFS version of github, fork and code version management, decentralized computing power integration, smart contract payment and compensation mechanisms, etc. Through these development tools, data engineers and developers can easily perform AI image recognition, model deployment and development of generative AI images. So far, there have been more than 1,000 models, 50,000 deployments, and 1 million hours of GPU inference time.

Currently, Lagrange provides image generation (Stable Diffusion), music generation (MusicGen), speech synthesis (Text-to-speech) and many other cutting-edge AI models. Users can not only experience these models but also build and deploy new AI models on the web without relying on costly centralized cloud services.

4.2 Multi-Chain Storage: Cross-chain Data Storage Platform

Multi-Chain Storage (MCS) is a storage service platform based on Web3, designed to simplify data storage in cross-chain networks. It can be regarded as an S3 storage gateway with enhanced security. MCS supports the bucket-based IPFS data storage structure and deploys users’ important data on 200 high-quality Filecoin nodes supported by Swan to ensure high-speed reading and writing of user data and data security.

For more details please visit “Building a decentralized storage bridge with Filecoin and Swan Multi-Chain Storage”。

5. Use Cases

As the leading product of AI DePIN, Swan Chain supports a series of powerful AI models using Swan’s advanced AI computing resources, including common computing models such as Stable Diffusion and MusicGen.

5.1 Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion is an image-generation AI model based on deep learning. Supported by Swan Chain’s distributed computing capabilities and powerful computing resources, Stable Diffusion can fully unleash its potential and provide users with high-quality, realistic image generation services. During the Mars test network event, AI enthusiasts used this powerful computing network composed of global computing providers to deploy more than 2,000 Stable Diffusion LoRa models on Lagrange, generating approximately 100,000 lifelike and beautiful images, of which approximately 40,000 were uploaded to Multichain.Storage.

User generated image using Stable Diffusion Space on Lagrange

5.2 MusicGen

MusicGen is another innovative AI model powered by Lagrange. It is an AI model with the ability to create high-quality music based on text descriptions or melodies. MusicGen Space on Swan Chain offers users the opportunity to experience this advanced model through a simple interface. Just enter text that describes the type of music you want, and MusicGen will generate an original soundtrack based on the description.

To learn and experience more cutting-edge AI models, visit here: https://docs.lagrangedao.org/spaces/use-case


In general, as a decentralized infrastructure network tailored for AI, Swan Chain is bringing new development opportunities to the field of Web3 combined with AI computing. By integrating global distributed computing power and storage resources, Swan Chain reduces the deployment cost of AI applications and improves efficiency and scalability. At the same time, innovative private computing solutions and ecological infrastructure provide AI developers with unprecedented support and freedom.

In the future, Swan Chain will continue to promote the development of the AI ​​DePIN ecosystem and work with more partners to create a more open, efficient and sustainable AI infrastructure to help usher in the intelligent era. Let’s look forward to the innovations and surprises that Swan Chain can bring to the field of AI computing.


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