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    Gate.io Blog Blockchain Version Pokemon - | Axie Infinity |

    Blockchain Version Pokemon - | Axie Infinity |

    21 July 16:39

    Axie Infinity
    is a blockchain game inspired by Pokemon. In this game, the player can collect and raise digital pets. These cute digital pets we call Axies. Axies is an NFT based on the Ethereum blockchain. Players can purchase Axies on the Marketplace. In addition, players can trade in any open marketplace where Ethereum blockchain-based assets are allowed

    Axie Infinity Shards (AXS)

    AXS is an ERC-20 based governance token used in the Axie Universe. AXS serves to unite community members. AXS holders can use their tokens in several ways.
    - Staking: Players can lock up their AXS tokens and receive new AXS tokens. Of course, players have to P2E or vote in order to receive.

    - Payment: AXS is used as a payment method when making a transaction on the Marketplace. In addition, AXS holdings determine eligibility to participate in special sales.

    - Governance: AXS stakers can receive staking rewards based on their contribution to governance

    The World: Lunacia

    Axies' hometown, Lunacia land, has been tokenized. This land is Axies' home. Players can farm AXS in the Land. There are a total of 90,601 lands in Lunacia. Of the total supply of 90,601 Land, 17,241 player-owned land. Land is divided into 7 types: Savannah, Forest, Arctic, Mystic, Genesis, Luna's Landing (Center), and Map (water, roads, resource nodes). Land is under continuous development. The developer said that in the future, games using land will be possible.

    Ethereum Sidechain Ronin

    Axie Infinity is using a Sidechain called Ronin. Sidechain refers to a chain that operates on the side of the Mainchain. Sidechain does not constitute independent nodes. It works by adding a node from a Sidechain to a node from an existing Mainchain. Sidechain helps the Mainchain to work efficiently by taking overloaded data from the Mainchain. Sidechain allows the mainnet to overcome its limitations, such as low gas fees, fast transactions, etc. Therefore, the technology can be seen as encompassing 2nd-Layer and Off-Chain Solutions. Axie Infinity is a DApp based on the Ethereum blockchain. Recently, as the Ethereum blockchain becomes heavy, many DApps are struggling with unstable networks and expensive gas fees. Sky Mavis, the developer of Axie Infinity, moved the heavy resources (land, items, etc.) of the Mainchain to the Sidechain Ronin in the 1st migration. Ronin is a scaling solution that is expected to develop in the future.

    P2E(Play-To-Earn): SLP

    SLP stands for Small Love Potion
    . It is a token that can be farmed from Axie Infinity to P2E. In the game, players can farm SLP in three ways: Daily Quest, Adventure (PVE), and Arena (PVP). SLP is a potion for love. Therefore, SLP is required to breed Axies. Additionally, SLP can be sold on cryptocurrency exchanges. Currently, SLP is listed on Binance, Uniswap, etc.

    Editor YB(Gate.io Korea, Marketing Agent)'s Comments

    Axie Infinity's AXS and SLP both went To The Moon a few days ago. Sky Mavis is said to have raised a $7.5m Series A investment. Hashed, a blockchain-specialized investment company, participated in this investment, including Animoca Brands and CoinGecko Ventures. Recently, the NFT market is becoming more and more concrete. Therefore, it is judged that many assets will flow into this NFT game market. If you are a game-loving crypto coin investor, how about making money by playing Axie Infinity?

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