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  • GateChain Voting: PoS Incentives

    • Start In00:00:00
    project logo
    • Start time2020-05-13 12:00:00
    • Contributors Number2539
    • votes53267984
    • Participate in total53,267,984GT
    • End Time2020-05-14 12:00:00
  • project logo

    Solution 2 - Scheme 2.1

    Adopt GT both as platform and mainnet tokens without issuing GC. Take 30 million GT tokens from the team for staking rewards in which GT tok...



    2378 supporters

    Current ratio: 87.06%
  • project logo

    Solution 3 - Scheme 2.2

    Adopt GT both as platform and mainnet tokens without issuing GC. Take 30 million GT tokens _with 20 million from the team and 10 million fro...



    118 supporters

    Current ratio: 11.90%
  • project logo

    Solution 1 - Scheme 1.1

    Issue 300 million GC as mainnet token, with 40% airdropped to GT holders, 20% airdropped to the team, and another 40% for staking rewards. G...



    43 supporters

    Current ratio: 1.04%

Campaign Instruction

Gate.io has launched GateChain Testnet 3.0 in April 2020. GateChain not only has its unique asset security features such as vault accounts. It also comes with great network capacity.

According to the development scheme, GateChain Testnet 4.0, the last Testnet, will be released in May 2020. The launch will ultimately determine all the PoS parameters. However, the most important thing is how to stimulate mining under PoS and maintain a stable network.

Recently, we’ve received feedback from our users. Some proposed disagreements of releasing GC, in the hope of continuing the single-token mechanism. While some users expect the release of GC. All of them provide rational reasons and sound suggestions.

We have received lots of feedback on the GateChain public chain solution, which we highly appreciate. Despite v-arious opinions, it is a common desire for each and every GT holder that GateChain and GT are designed and operated in an appropriate manner to best serve our users. To ensure that our decisions reflect the thoughts of most of our users, we have decided to launch a GateChain governance vote where GT holders can cast their vote on whether to release GC and on the final PoS incentive scheme. The specific schemes are as follows: