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    Gate.io Crypto Lending
    Updated at:23 days 7 hours ago

    Crypto Lending

    If you’re holding some crypto for the long haul with no plans to sell, why not add value to your digital currencies by lending it out to other users! Compared with the traditional savings account, lending your digital assets in exchanges often leads to a hefty return.

    Peer to Peer Lending

    Borrowers and lenders are able to enter a loan agreement without the need for an intermediary. By removing intermediaries from the process, costs are lowered, the settlement period is faster, and a more diverse and potentially equitable market emerges.

    Gate.io Crypto Lending

    Gate.io Crypto Lending allows users who have idle token balances to lend their tokens out to the margin borrowers in return for interest earned on that token. Users can submit an order to lend at a specified daily interest rate of their own choice and wait for the borrowers to match the order. Gate.io Crypto Lending is a crypto-based peer to peer lending platform for users to lend their crypto assets to others. Gate.io will not participate in any lending. No middlemen costs. Small platform fee!

    Lend More Than Anywhere Else

    Here at Gate.io Crypto Lending, not only do we offer returns on stable coins, you can also lend and borrow more than 200 other coins. Earn without having to trade! No other cryptocurrency exchange or financial institution offers the opportunity for users to lend this many coins.

    Up to 1% Daily Interest Rate, 365% APY

    Flexible Interest Rate. Users can set the lending rate. The daily interest rate ranges from 0.01% to 1%. Users can earn a stable profit with an annual interest rate of up to 365% by placing orders to lend. (with BTC, ETH, USDT, etc.).

    World-Class Security

    Industry-leading security protocols across the whole platform, According to Coingecko’s Trust Score for Top Cryptocurrency Exchanges, Gate.io scores 9 points out of 10!

    10 Day Duration and Auto-Order

    The default period is 10 days and can be automatically renewed. You can proceed with auto-order, where the repaid amount will be automatically listed for new borrowers with rates being equal to the initial or recalculated if the market rate is applied.

    How Earn Works

    Once you open a Gate.io account, you can purchase or deposit any amount of cryptocurrency and immediately opt-in to Crypto Lending to start earning interest on your balance.
    1. Actual Token Interest = Loaned Assets * Daily Interest Rate * Loan Duration * (1-Platform Service Fee). 2. Service fee: 18.0% from the interest earned.
    3. Actual loan period computed will be based on the actual repayment date.
    4. Interest starts to accrue from the time of successfully borrowing. The initial interest settlement basis is 4 hours, less than 4 hours is deemed as 4 hours. After the initial 4 hours, the interest is settled on an hourly basis, less than 1 hour is deemed as a full hour.
    5. Formula: Interest=Loan * Day rate/24 * how many hours.
    6. Borrower retains the right to initiate early repayment of loan.

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