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    How to Become A Referrer (on APP)
    Updated at:4 days 23 hours ago

    Use mobile app to share referral links to spread your influence anywhere and anytime!

    Here is a tutorial on how to operate the referral program on the Gate.io mobile app.

    1.Open Gate.io mobile app. Log in to your account. Click on the top-left profile icon.

    2.Find "My Referrals" and click to enter the page.

    3.There are referral link, referral QR code and referral post that you can easily share. You can set your preferred rebates sharing ratio and share an invite link to your friends by clicking on the "Invite Friends" button.

    4.On this page you can view your total of referees and earnings.

    5.Click and open "My Referral" to view registered referees and their UIDs.

    Referral Program Rules:

    1.There is no limit to how many accounts a referrer invites. The commission rebate ratio is effective for 1 year.

    2.When referees conduct spot trading or margin trading, a certain percentage of the trading fee generated will become a commission reward. Please note that there is no rebate in contract trading and fiat currency trading.

    3.A referral is not considered eligible if the referee and the referrer share the same IP address, or the referrer's account is no older than 1 day.

    4.The referrer receives the referral commission in real time. The form of the commission depends on how handling fees are paid by the referee. If the referee uses the Gate points, the referrer’s commission is also Gate points. Go to "Billing Details" to view commission records.

    5.Merchants are excluded from making and accepting referrals.

    6.If the rebate ratio is set at 10% for the referrer and 30% for the referee, the referee does not receive any commission but gets 30% discount of the handling fee when she/he trades on Gate.io. If the referee uses points to pay for handling fees, there will be no referral discount for the referee, but the referrer still receives points as referral rebate.

    7.Gate.io will take back all referral rewards and rebates if a user is found cheating by making bulk registrations.

    8.Gate.io reserves the right to finally interpret the Referral Program Rules and make changes when necessary.

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