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Gate.io Copy Trading - Trading Tournament for Stable Lead Traders#3: Increase Sharpe Ratio & Win $20,000!

2023-03-29 03:49:42 UTC 13952
Dear Lead Traders,
The market conditions are volatile. In order to protect the benefits of users, it's recommended that lead traders keep stable trades instead of pursuing excessively high returns on a single transaction. What lead traders should do is pursue stable profits in multiple trades.
In order to better encourage, select and reward lead traders with stable returns, we will launch a trading competition for stable lead traders, mainly to examine the stability of their trades during the activity period. The more stable trades, the higher the prize pool will be!

What can you get from stable trading?

Winners of this event will receive the following rewards:
<1> General Rewards: If participants reach the standard in Sharpe Ratio, they can share a maximum prize pool of $20,000.
<2> Progress Rewards: During the event, a user who makes progress in Sharpe Ratio will be rewarded with up to $20.
<3> Sharpe Ratio King: We will evaluate and screen out lead traders with excellent Sharpe Ratio and trading performance, and give them official traffic support.

Introduction of Sharpe Ratio: Sharpe Ratio is an indicator to measure a lead trader's ability to balance risk and return. Sharpe Ratio = Average ROI/standard deviation of ROI. Average ROI is a measure of the average level of profitability during this period, and the standard deviation of ROI is a measure of the volatility of earnings during this period. The larger the standard deviation, the greater the volatility and the higher the risk. Therefore, the higher the lead trader's Sharpe Ratio, the smaller the risk, and the better his profit level.
Learn more about the Sharpe Ratio: https://www.gate.io/blog_detail/1453

How to participate in the event?

Duration: 2023-03-29 11:00:00 (UTC) ~ 2023-04-19 11:00:00 (UTC)

Click to register:https://go.gate.io/w/2qbfo6uH

Event Rules:
The "General Rewards" and "Progress Rewards" can be superimposed! The lead trader must make three trades per day during the activity period, whose copiers' income must be positive. Only then can the bonus be effectively activated!

General Rewards
<1> If the Sharpe Ratio of a lead trader meets the following requirements, the qualified users can share the following prize pool, and after the event ends, the Top 3 lead traders with outstanding trading performance will be promoted on Gate.io's official channels.

Note: If the number of participants does not reach the threshold to open the largest prize pool, the prize pool will be reduced proportionally.

Encouragement Rewards for Progress
If the Sharpe Ratio of the lead trader increases during the event, corresponding encouragement rewards will be given:

Sharpe Ratio Star

We will evaluate and screen out the Top 3 lead traders with excellent Sharpe Ratio and trading performance as the "Sharpe Ratio Star", and promote them on official channels. If these "Sharpe Ratio Stars" can maintain stable trading until the end of the event, the "General Rewards" and "Encouragement Rewards for Progress" will be activated and sent to their accounts.


1. Users who cheat will be disqualified from participating in the event.
2. In the Sharpe Ratio prize pool, the amount actually received by each user will be evaluated according to their transaction performance during the event.
3. The lead traders who are selected as the "Sharpe Ratio Stars" every week must maintain stable trading until the end of the event, otherwise the bonus can not be activated.
4. Rewards will be issued in the form of contract trial funds or points, which can be used as trading deposits or investment amount, with a validity period of 7 days.
5. Risk warning: Virtual currency trading is affected by many factors such as market fluctuations and policies. The market fluctuates greatly, and is difficult to predict. Please make sure you know the market’s risks and trade with caution.

Gate.io Copy Trading

Gate.io copy trading is a trading aid that allows copiers to synchronously copy the lead trader's operation behavior on Future or Spot. With a higher degree of freedom to operate, the lead trader can attract more users to copy him in trading, creating a larger space for dividends.

Click to enter: follow the best traders to trade
Gate.io Copy Trading - Traders Guide: https://www.gate.io/help/quants/copy-trading/26923/gate.io-copy-trading-traders-guide
More Instructions on Copy Trading:

Gate.io reserves the right to the final interpretation of this event.

If you have any questions about this activity or copy trading products, please feel free to contact us through Telegram or customer service:
Copy Trading Telegram Group: https://t.me/Gateio_Copy_Trading
Copy Trading Customer service: https://t.me/Gate_CopyTrading
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March 29, 2023

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