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Gate.io Copy Trading - Guide to How to Become A Spot Copy Trading Lead Trader

2023-03-23 08:17:08 UTC 8335

How to Apply to Be A Spot Copy Trading Lead Trader:

1. On the homepage of Spot Copy Trading, click the [Become a Trader] button.

2. Read and sign the leading agreement, and click [I've Read And Agree To The Above Agreement], click the [OK] button to submit the application.

3. After submission, the application will be reviewed within 5 working days (the application materials need to be submitted separately when applying for a future lead trader and a spot lead trader).

4. After the application is approved, you need to complete the initial leading parameters setup. That is, save the parameters setup once, and then start to lead trading.

How to lead trading after becoming a spot lead trader?

1. Firstly, transfer leading funds from the spot account to the spot leading sub-account.

2. Click the [Funds Transfer] button, and a pop-up box will appear to transfer funds. Only after the funds are transferred to the spot leading account can the leading trading be carried out.

3. Click the homepage of the spot copy trading or leading mode - enter "Spot" page and click [Get Started] to enter the spot trading page.

4.After click[Enter spot leading mode], the spot leading account will be used to lead spot trading(in this mode, lead traders are only allowed to trade on the market which he has chosen in the [Leading Parameter Setup]).

5. After the lead trader's buy/sell order is completed, the copiers will automatically follow the lead trader to complete the transaction(the lead trader will appear on the trader list only after he/she finishes the first transaction).

Note: If the lead trader conducts multiple transactions of the same currency at different times, the order data will be automatically merged into one and updated in real time.

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