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Gate.io October Halloween, "Trick or Treat" Pumpkin Lantern Token Giveaway

2022-10-27 01:12:59 UTCRead:41195
Trick or treat! As Halloween 2022 approaches, Gate.io's Posts, Chatroom, and Blog are launching a special event called "Gate.io's Halloween Pumpkin Lantern Surprise". Gate.io invites you to share the pumpkin lantern numbers you found or share your crypto story for a chance to get a holiday package. Come to Gate.io to receive the pumpkin lantern gift!

Event Period:
Oct. 27, 2022 - Nov. 3, 2022 (Lasts 7 days)

Event 1: Search for Halloween Pumpkin Lantern Pictures and get Tokens

Event Hashtag: #GateLantern#

During the promotion period, the official will randomly post pictures of pumpkin lanterns with numbers 1-9 in Posts, Chatrooms, and Blog. Participating users who have collected 5 numbers in a row and posted the relevant pictures with the hashtag #GateLantern# to their Posts can join in the Halloween event. After the event, users with a total score higher than 10 points and ranked in the top 10 will be rewarded with tokens.

Event 2: Share Halloween Trading Tips and Receive Awards and Tokens

Event Hashtag: #HalloweenSurprise#

If the transaction amount reaches $1000 and above in October, users with the topic #HalloweenSurprise# can share their October earnings/following tips/wealth management tips in Posts. After the event, the top 10 users with a score higher than 10 points will be rewarded with tokens, and 5 lucky users will be randomly selected from all the content to receive a $10 point card.

Event Rewards:

Diagram of Posts activity steps:

**Note: The bonus point cards for all the above activities are valid for 14 days.

Scoring Rules:
The VIP level of the person giving a like determines the [VIP Popularity] of a post.
VIP0 adds 0.1 points, VIP1 adds 1 point, VIP2 adds 2 points, and so on.
(Users can upgrade their VIP level by increasing their trading volume and GT position.) Example: John Smith posted two items of news during the event, which got three separate likes from a VIP0, a VIP5, and a VIP10 user.
Therefore the value of John's [VIP Popularity] in terms of likes during the event was 0.1 + 5 + 10 = 15.1.

Users must note that after logging in, gaining access to Gate.io, and then publishing content, it will be interpreted that all users have read and agreed with the rules, regulations, and disclaimers provided by Gate.io.
1. The objective of information being released by users of the Gate.io exchange is to create awareness. The content itself does not necessarily reflect the views of Gate.io.
Gate.io only supports the release of genuine content.
The publisher is responsible for the legal liability of intellectual property infringement that may be caused by copyright infringement.
2. The content released by influencers does not constitute trading advice. There are risks with investing, so it is necessary to be cautious when entering the crypto market.
Gate.io provides this platform for authors to express their views, which does not constitute agreement with the author's observations.
3. Some published content on Gate.io may have external links due to the author's references and recommendations. Gate.io is not responsible for the reliability of these websites or resource links and does not guarantee the authenticity and legitimacy of any content, products, services, or other materials obtained from these website links.
Gate.io shall not be liable for any direct or indirect loss (or alleged loss) caused by the use or trust of the content, products, services, or other materials obtained from such websites or resource links.

Additional notes:
(1)The shared content must not contain profanity, defamatory, slander, insults, plagiarism, advertising, pornography, violence, or other undesirable content. (If this happens, users will not be included in the event).
(2)There is no limit to the number of daily posts per user. Rankings will be calculated based on the total number of VIP Likes of all posts.
(3)Only one entry per person will be permitted (KYC must be completed).
The Sub-Accounts and Master Account will be treated as the same account in the competition.
(4)Rewards will be released to the winners’ accounts within 14 working days after the activities end, which can be viewed at “My Finance - “Billings”.
(5)[VIP popularity] scores and rankings will be calculated based on Gate.io's background data.
(6)Each user can give a like to more than one post but can participate in the lucky draw only once.

Posts entry:
Web page/client: log in to the web page - tabs section, select the "News" page and click “Posts”.

Mobile App: log in to the latest version of the App - select "crypto space" below to enter the “Posts” page.

Chatroom Entrance.
Website: Click on the [News] trading area of the Gate.io website, and click on the "Chatroom" button below to open the chat room.

Mobile App: Click the "Community" button at the bottom right corner, and click "Chatroom" to enter.

Gate.io has all rights reserved.

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