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    Quant Trial Funds - FAQ

    2022-08-01 08:41:21 UTCRead:13502

    1. What are Quant trial funds?

    Quant trial funds can function as Strategy Bot margins(which can be used in Spot and some Future markets), loss deductions, handling fees, and capital costs. Gate.io Quant trial funds aim to facilitate new and regular users to experience Quant products without risk.

    2. Description of Quant trial funds

    1) Gate.io Quant trial funds will be issued directly;
    2) Users can obtain Quant trial funds through designated Quant activities;
    3) Users can view their own Quant trial funds in “Wallet” - “Classic Account” to check your trial funds.
    4) Quant trial funds can be used directly as the trading deposit, which can act as Strategy Bot margin or deduct account losses, handling fees and capital fees.
    5) Users can use Quant trial funds to experience strategy bot with no investment.
    6) Quant trial funds refer to "trial funds for copiers" and "trial funds for creators". As the name implies, "trial funds for copiers" are only available to strategy copiers, while "trial funds for creators" are only available to strategy creators.

    3. How to deduct Quant trial funds?

    1) The trial funds will be deducted prior to the users’ own principal in the account;
    2) The profit obtained from the trial funds can be transferred out.

    Case Study

    User A has 50 USDT deposit and 100 USDT Quant trial funds in his account. During his trading in Strategy Bot, he lost 80USDT when he closed a position for the first time. Then he can use Quant trial funds to deduct the loss first. Then there are 20USDT trial funds left and his own 50USDT deposit remained unchanged in the account. At this time, he traded again and then closed the position with a profit of 20USDT . Then his trial funds still remained at 20 USDT, and his deposit was changed to 70USDT, which means the profit from the position can be transferred out.

    4. What are the limitations of Quant trial funds?

    1) The trial funds cannot be transferred out;
    2) When the trial funds arrive in your account, they are valid for 7 days. The system will automatically withdraw the unused part when it expires. You should pay attention to the risk of liquidation of the position;
    3) Quant trial funds are currently only supported for use in Strategy Bot (available in Spot and some Future markets)

    5. How to check the balance of the trial funds?

    6. The platform has the right to recover the loss and handle the relevant account in case of malicious arbitrage of trial funds.
    7. Gate.io reserves the final interpretation right of the future trial funds.

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