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    Gate.io Competition: Upgraded Combo Indicator Strategy, Share A $8,000 Prize Pool

    Create Time:2022-05-19 09:15:52 UTCRead:353639

    Gate.io Copy Trading- Combo Indicator Strategy is upgraded. You can participate in Combo Indicator Strategy and enjoy a total prize pool of $8,000!
    We sincerely invite all kinds of strategy experts to participate in copy trading!
    New users can click on the Sign Up Gate.io to participate in the event.

    Event 1: Share a prize pool worth $750 for users who start their first copy trading!

    Duration: May 19, 2022, 11:00 - May 26, 2022, 11:00 (7 days in total)
    During this event, users who make and complete their first copy trading(create or copy) will receive 5 USDT or equivalent Points if they complete a transaction ≥ 100 USDT. Limited to the first 150 users, first come, first served! (Participation Link)

    *The newbie benefits of this event cannot be shared with other events.

    Event 2: Combo Indicator Strategy Competition, With $7250 To Be Won!

    Duration: May 19, 2022, 11:00 - May 26, 2022, 11:00(7 days in total)
    During the event, the results of combo indicator strategy trading will be counted. To ensure the fairness of the competition, the profit amount will be calculated according to the number of USDT. The profit shouldn’t be less than 30 USDT. It will be ranked according to the profit ratio (profit amount / investment amount), and also ranked according to the highest ranking if you run multiple strategies, with other strategies excluded from the ranking. (unfilled withdrawal orders are not counted).
    Event Rewards:
    The top 200 users who participate in the copy trading competition can receive corresponding rewards. ( Registration Link)
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    Overview of the updated content of combo indicator strategy:

    You are welcome to join the Quant telegram group, there are more event rewards waiting for you!

    Quant Telegram English Group: https://t.me/gateio_copytrading_global

    Copy Trading Home: https://www.gate.io/cn/strategybot
    1)Users are allowed to participate in both event 1 and event 2. When there are less than 200 winners in event 2, the prize pool will be reduced proportionally.
    2) For event 1, participants can utilize any trading strategy and trading pairs of their choice. For event 2, participants can only use trading strategies with combo indicators
    3) Competition profit is a profit made by the strategy used in copy trading during the competition period (including unrealized profit, realized profit, and fees).
    4) Investment funds = invested funds to participate in the ranking strategy.
    5) In order to assure fairness in the competition, irregular trading such as diverting profits through other accounts will be excluded and the prize will be extended to the next user.
    6) Users can only use one account. No sub-accounts allowed. Users who engage in malicious behavior or those who try to manipulate the trading prices through multiple accounts will be disqualified from the competition.
    7) Rewards will be issued within 14 working days after the event ends, and this can be viewed in "My Finance”- Billing Details”
    8) The activity data is based on the data derived from the Gate.io backend.
    9) Rewards will be issued in the form of tokens, points, which will be converted according to the closing price on the day of the end of the event.
    10) Risk warning: virtual currency trading is affected by many factors such as market fluctuations and policies. The market fluctuates greatly, and it is difficult to make accurate predictions. Please trade responsibly and make sure to understand all the implications of this activity.

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