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    Axie Infinity:The King of On-Chain P2E Gaming

    Creation Time:2022-02-25 05:06:45 UTCRead:25868

    [TL; DR]

    1. It undoubtedly sounds like a scam that one can earn some dollars a day just by playing games at home. However, this is gradually becoming a reality today as many Play-to-Earn games have been developed.
    2. Similar to the classic game "Pokémon", Axie Infinity integrates pet collection, competition, business development, and other gameplay.
    3. Beyond the groundbreaking Play-to-earn model, Ronin, the project's vital infrastructure, is another element that makes Axie Infinity successful.
    4. Players can enjoy the P2E model by selling AXS and SLP on secondary markets such as Gate.io, or trading their NFT pets in the game market.
    5. YGG announced the official issuance of tokens on July 28, 2021, in MISO and began to transform into a DAO to achieve community autonomy and empowerment. This spontaneous cooperation among players displays the tip of the iceberg of Web 3.0

    A documentary titled PLAY-TO-EARN | NFT Gaming in the Philippines sparked heated discussions on social media in September last year. The documentary introduced how the Play-to-Earn game "Axie Infinity" changed the lives of local people and helped them overcome difficult times when the Philippines was ravaged by COVID-19. It undoubtedly sounds like a scam that one can earn some dollars a day just by playing games at home. However, today this is gradually becoming a reality as many Play to Earn games have been developed.

    For more information on the specific analysis process, please read this blog:Axie Infinity:The King of On-Chain P2E Gaming

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    February 24

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