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Gate.io 2nd API Trading Competition,Exclusive NFTs Are Coming

2021-12-16 01:48:20 UTC 5755364

Dear Gate.io Institutional Users, Ring out the Old Year and ring in the New Year.Gate.io is grateful for giving back to institutional users, and will launch a series of carnival activities to unlock more exclusive rights for you. The 2nd API Trading Competition officially begins, come enjoy and join

Registration Time: 20.12.2021 00:00-31.12.2022 23:59

Registration link: https://www.gate.io/questionnaire/1153

Contest Time: 3.1.2022 00:00-17.1.2022 23:59

Contest Rewards:

1. During the event, if the total amount of API transactions of all participating users exceeds $55 billion USDT, the 300,000 USDT reward pool will be distributed proportionally. The top 20 users in transaction volume get exclusive NFTs.

2. During the event, if the total amount of API transactions of all participating users exceeds $50 billion, the 150,000 USDT reward pool will be divided proportionally. The top 10 users in transaction volume get exclusive NFT.

3. During the event, if the total amount of API transactions of all participating users exceeds $45 billion, the 80,000 USDT reward pool will be distributed proportionally. The top 5 users in transaction volume get exclusive NFT.

4. During the event, if the total amount of API transactions of all participating users is less than $45 billion, there will be no rewards.

5. During the event, if the number of valid participants is less than 50, the NFT reward will be cancelled.

1. API trading volume = contract trading volume + spot trading volume;

2. Effective transaction volume = purchase + sale;

3. Scope of activity: coins that open API transaction functions;

4. Each participating user will share the USDT reward pool according to the effective transaction volume;

This contest is only for VIP13-VIP15 institutional users to participate.A user can only use one parent account to participate; the transaction volume of the sub-account under the name is counted in the parent account.
6. Fake accounts, or other cheating and fraudulent activities are prohibited. Once verified, the qualification for awards will be canceled;

7. Event rewards will be distributed within 14 working days after the event ends.

8. Gate.io reserves the right of final interpretation of this activity.

Exclusive NFT Details:


Create NFTs through different auctions or airdrops, the number is not fixed.

The Rights Of Each NFT:

1. VIP+1 right

2. 1 AMA right in the Gate.io community

3. The market maker gives priority to recommend 2 times

Detailed explanation of NFT rights and interests rules:
1. Validity period of NFT rights
- All rights and interests of each NFT are valid for up to 60 days, starting from the day of issuance;
- After the validity period of NFT rights ends, the NFTs of this Genesis batch will no longer enjoy the above rights, and Gate.io will empower the NFTs from other aspects in the future.
2. VIP+1 rights
- VIP15 and VIP16 institutional users do not enjoy the VIP+1 rights, but other rights and benefits can be enjoyed at the same time and the NFT avatar can be customized exclusively;
- NFT can be freely auctioned and traded in the Gate.io area. During the validity period, institutional users who newly own NFTs after each transaction (except VIP15 and VIP16 users) can enjoy two weeks of VIP+1 rights;
- If the two-week VIP+1 rights have not ended but the validity period ends, the validity period shall prevail and then VIP+1 rights will stop.
- During the validity period of the same batch of NFTs, each institutional user does not repeatedly enjoy the VIP+1 rights;
- If the NFT is obtained through transfer or donation, the user does not enjoy the two-week VIP+1 rights, and other rights can be enjoyed.
3. AMA rights
- Each NFT has 1 AMA right, which will not be reset with the transaction after use.
- Since the AMA needs to be scheduled, when the user enters the scheduling stage, this right has already been used by default. While deducting rights, NFT can participate in market transactions.
4. Priority recommendation by market makers
- Each NFT has 1 opportunity to recommend a market maker as a priority every month, and it will not be reset with the transaction.
- There is a priority recommendation right among VIP users at the same level, and this right cannot be used if the user's transaction volume does not meet the recommended market maker standards.
5. The rights and interests of NFT do not overlap with other benefits of the platform.

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Gate.io Team
Dec 16, 2021

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