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    Gate.io NFT Magic Box Official Launch (NFT Creation and Auction Platform for Everyone)

    Creation Time:2021-06-22 08:57:22 UTCRead:3424497

    Since Gate.io released the announcement of its upcoming “Gate.io NFT Magic Box (NFT Creation and Auction Platform) Magnificent Launch” on April 27th, many users have shown enthusiasm for the NFT platform. The announcement has been read over 14 million times. Today, we can proudly announce to our global user base that the world's first centralized NFT trading platform - Gate.io NFT Magic Box, is officially LIVE!!!!

    Gate.io NFT Magic Box is an NFT creation and auction platform for everyone, focusing on the creative incubation and asset management of NFT artworks through blockchain technology. We are dedicated to building the world's top NFT platform for minting, creation, communication, promotion and auction.

    So far, many creative works have been uploaded to the Gate.io NFT Magic Box and that total number continues to grow, with users enthusiastically bidding for many different types of artistic NFTs. Gate.io will continue to launch exciting auction activities. There will be events coming soon, so please stay tuned for future announcements.

    We are also recruiting artists and other creative users in hope of fostering the future stars of the NFT space. We welcome artists and creators from all over the world to become our partners and forge the future of NFT Magic Box with us. Contact email: [email protected]

    Click to enter Gate.io NFT Magic Box: https://www.gate.io/en/nft
    (Web access: top menu of our official website - click "NFT Box")

    *App version will be available soon, stay tuned!

    1. To Define NFT

    Gate.io’s NFT Magic Box platform is the world’s first centralized trading platform. The platform focuses on incubation and asset management in the blockchain and the digital currency field.

    Gate.io’s NFT Magic Box, in combination with our GateChain protocol, provides a cost-efficient and high-performance blockchain. Artists need only to focus on their creation. Gate.io has more than 4 million subscribers from all over the world with more than 1 million active, daily users. Artists will have access to all these resources and can benefit immensely from the current demand for NFT’s .

    NFT Magic Box consists of two components: NFT avant-garde creation platform and the NFT auction and trading platform.

    The NFT avant-garde platform allows users to upload their works via an NFT to create and express themselves. Users may create their own NFT on the Magic Platform for free. We will focus on sought-after creative work and provide technological support as well as institutional docking for our users. This model allows users to monetize their creative works and follow their passions.

    The auction and trading platform provides two trading options: fixed price transaction and auction. Creative pieces created on Gate.io NFT or other NFT platforms can be displayed and auctioned in the marketplace. A large proportion of the revenue from the sales will be paid to the creators. A small portion will go towards Gate.io NFT artistic fund and will be used to support contract creators on the platform.

    Gate.io NFT Magic Box will connect NFT artists, institutions and subscribers aiming to become a major source for NFT trading, market education and liquidity expansion. Artists, users, and professional NFT institutions will be able to experience all the functions on the platform, such as inexpensive minting, work display and sales. Together, we will explore the infinite possibilities of NFT’s in terms of artistic value and application.. Everyone can be an NFT artist!

    2. Gate.io NFT Magic Box Demonstration

    NFT supporters are able to trade valuable works in games, music, art, and sports on Gate.io. Users can benefit from high-mobility and low-fee transactions. Authors can create their NFT at a low cost and enjoy maximum market exposure as well as copyright value stimulus. Gate.io NFT market supports auctions and fixed price transactions.

    Holders can choose to sell NFT with a fixed price, or via an auction. The highest bidder will get the NFT. At present, we support BTC/USDT/GT payment. In the future, we will support payment with more digital currency.

    3. Surge, Stimulus and Support

    •Financial support: we will set up an exclusive NFT fund that will be used for training, salon, study tour, exhibitions and other activities for artists on the platform.

    •Data support: we will use global stations, vertical communities, cooperative media and other nodes which will attract millions of users , to help showcase artists' works and activities in the NFT area.

    •Activity support: we will cooperate with artists’ associations, auction companies, universities,institutes and will conduct both online and offline activities. We will also provide more opportunities for artists and practitioners in the NFT area.

    •Brand support: we will provide resources like funds, venues and transmission for our cooperative institutions. We will share access to our developer community, investment institutions, and project managers on Gate.io to assist with promotion and circulation.

    •Technological support: we will provide superior support and training in blockchain technology. This way, our artists and institutions can focus on the creative process while leveraging our technology.

    4. Recruiting Plan

    Gate.io NFT Magic Box will officially be launched soon. At the moment we are conducting a recruitment drive, recruiting talent from all over the world including spectacular artists, highly creative users and celebrities in the NFT curation area.

    Application access: [email protected]

    Gate.io users can log in to the Gate.io NFT market directly and start a NFT tour. New subscribers can register on Gate.io directly and will be able to create or transact on Gate.io NFT market. Stay tuned for the official launch of our NFT marketplace.

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    Gate.io is an established exchange that holds integrity, transparency, and fairness to a very high standard. We charge zero listing fees and only choose quality and promising projects. Our exchange consists only of 100% real trading volume. Thanks to everyone who has joined us in our journey. We always intend to improve and innovate to reward our users for their continuous support.

    Gate.io Team
    June 22, 2021

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